Ichinokama Waterfall

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Ichinokama Waterfall is actually a hidden cluster of three powerful waterfalls, the most spectacular of which exceeds 20 meters in height. Down in this bewitching spot, each season brings its own particular charm to the scene.

On the right gushes the Kamazawanotaki waterfall, while to the left you will see the smaller Medaki (“woman waterfall”). For Ichinokama’s highlight, cross the rope bridge over the Fuefuki River. This takes you right up close to the spectacular, 21-meter-high Otokotaki (“man waterfall”), the intensity of which is a reminder to us of nature’s power.

The spectacle changes subtly with the exact timing of your visit. Sunlight directly catching the water spray can create rainbows, while around midday, when the sun shines into the waterfall’s pools, their water appears a beautiful emerald green. Visit just after rain, meanwhile, and the increased amount of water turns things rougher, wilder.


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170 Mitomi Kamikamaguchi, Yamanashi-shi

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