Lake Mizugakiko Visitor Center

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Located at the foot of Mount Mizugaki, Lake Mizugakiko was created by the damming of the Shiokawa River, completed in 1998. The still, peaceful, and secluded lake is a popular destination for its sweeping views of nature and its proximity to the Masutomi no Yu hot-spring area. The pristine surface of the lake reflects the trees around it, making for a particularly colorful display—of lush green in summer and again in autumn as the surrounding trees turn various shades of red and orange. In winter, the lake often freezes over, creating a beautiful scene. The arched Rokumeikyo Bridge running over the lake is sometimes lit at night, adding an extra spot of color for the water to reflect.

Lake Mizugakiko Visitor Center features a shop selling local dry goods, fruit, and vegetables along with crafts, clothing, and souvenirs. To see how the lake changes throughout the seasons, look at the photos taken from the visitor center, some of which are available to purchase. There is also an on-site restaurant serving light meals. And of course, you can also get tourist information about the Masutomi hot-spring area.

The lake’s remote location means the visitor center is an ideal place for stargazing. There are many photos on display showing the majestic night sky, and the center has a computer-controlled telescope that can be booked for a nighttime stargazing experience.


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408-0102 3730-3 Sutamacho Hishi, Hokuto-shi

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