Nishizawa Gorge

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Intersected by the Fuefuki River, Nishizawa Gorge cuts through mountainous landscape and possesses some of the most beautiful scenery of Japan’s many ravines. It is famed for the succession of captivating waterfalls encountered on a wander through, backgrounded by the Tosakayama, Hafusan, and Tokusayama mountains. An elevated, wide-open pathway runs alongside the gorge, offering breathtaking views with minimal exertion.

Nishizawa Gorge is a work of art forged by nature: it slowly formed over centuries, due to erosion caused by a granite flow. Mountain streams running though the primeval forest create waterfalls that bring forth a mystical charm. The Nanatsugama Godan no Taki (“Seven-pool, five-step waterfall”), seen toward the end of the route, is designated one of Japan’s “100 best waterfalls” by the Ministry of the Environment. Also notable is Ryujin no Taki, or “Waterfall of the dragon god.”

That deity may or may not manifest itself before you, but always present is the kaeru-iwa (frog rock). Just upriver from Ryujin no Taki, this rock has the shape of a frog when viewed from the correct angle. The gorge’s rocks have served more practical purposes too: at one time they were mined as part of this region’s quartz and crystal industry. More recently, Nishizawa Gorge has become recognized for the therapeutic effects of “forest bathing” here.

Amidst scenery that changes dramatically with each season, highlights include May’s blooming of rhododendrons and the red leaves of fall.


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