Ojiragawa Gorge

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Ojiragawa Gorge is named for the Ojiragawa River, the upper stream of which runs through it, and is one of the most famous nature spots in Yamanashi Prefecture. Flanked by granite mountains and filled with towering old trees, the gorge is popular at any time of year, but is especially beautiful when the leaves change in autumn and during the period of lush greenery in early summer. The fresh mountain water from Mount Kaikomagatake is so well known for its purity that the surrounding area is home to a number of breweries and the Suntory Hakushu whisky distillery.

The Ojiragawa River is narrow and fast-moving, making it an ideal place to splash in the water in hot weather. The gorge’s elevation means there are several notable waterfalls along the river. There is a circular walking path around the gorge which includes different waterfalls and stream pools. These include the Sengabuchi stream pool, famous for its emerald green water, which is just 15 minutes’ walk from the parking lot. The path has many steep parts beyond the Sengabuchi stream pool, so be sure to come equipped for climbing if you venture further.

Five minutes’ walk from the parking lot are Kaikomagatake Shrine and the Ojiragawa Suspension Bridge, two of the most popular photo spots in the area. The secluded, moss-covered shrine is famed for its ancient, almost magical appearance, while the narrow bridge offers views of the gorge and the river.


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