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A vegan menu that brings out the deliciousness of the vegetables


 Travel to the town of Takane within Yamanashi’s Hokuto City and by the Gomachida intersection rests nakamise Café Pot. For many years it served this area as a Kimono fabric store name nakamise, however, in 2009 it reopened as a Vegan café that uses vegetables in all of its menu options.

The idea of changing the kimono fabric store that operated the same for generations into a café was originally met with opposition from the owner’s family. Even still, the eldest sister Kazue and the younger sister Junko spent much time thinking together on how to run nakamise in a way that they could continue it on for a long period of time. They also had to consider how to make it into something that suited these modern times, and with those thoughts in mind they decided to open as a Café.

Even now, the old ‘nakamise’ sign from when they still operated as a kimono fabric store can be seen at the café’s exterior.

A vegan menu that’s good for both the body and soul

In consideration of her own health, Junko the younger of the family had spent many years dedicated to the vegan lifestyle. She also studied the macrobiotic diet, and learned about how your own eating habits can influence a variety of different things. By switching her diet to a brown rice and vegetable-based diet, she felt her irritation and anger levels decrease which proved to her how eating can affect the heart and soul. With that experience in mind the sisters aimed to create a café with a vegan menu that was both good for the body and the soul.

Not only that but the vegetables grown on the Southern foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains pack a powerful and delicious taste on its own. “So as café owners finding ways to expand that genuinely delicious taste further was an interesting and exciting process,” said the two sisters.

A variety of dishes made from the southern foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains

Their most popular dish, called the Okazu Plate (or side dish plate) is made out of 6 types of smaller side dishes and one main, plus soup, a salad and a serving of zakkoku rice.

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▲Okazu (side dish) plate(1300JPY)


From its wonderful seasoning that really brings out the deliciousness of the vegetables really shows the skilled hand of the chef, this plate leaves those who try it highly satisfied.

The main dish can be chosen from a selection of 2-3 different dishes.
One of the main dishes, the Taka kibi ball and is made of zakkoku rice and vegetables. This main dish was made to give a similar feeling to meat balls.

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▲Curry Plate(980JPY)

The curry plate was created from scratch using an assortment of organic spices and is packed tight with steamed organic vegetables. This comes paired with 2 small sides and a salad. This curry has been served in the café since its doors first opened, and its recipe was something that the two sisters worked hard and long to produce. Making it one of their proudest works.

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▲Namul rice plate(980JPY)

The namul rice plate has namul (containing 3 types of vegetables) with soy based “meat” on top of zakkoku rice. This voluminous dish is quite popular with the male guests of the restaurant.

Café Pot also has a plentiful array of handmade desserts. Desserts such as the Gateau Chocolate, Baked Cheesecake do contain a small amount of milk / egg based ingredients, however, the vegan dessert options are also plentiful.


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▲Matcha Tofu pudding(550\)※vegan sweets

Within the store café pot original friend snacks are available for purchase.


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▲Fried snacks available within the store.

These fried snacks are handmade using carefully selected ingredients, and if you desire they will even gift wrap it for you. Anyone would be happy to receive delicious treats that are also good for your health!

Also, you can have some of café pots menu for takeout as a bento or hors d’oeuvres so don’t forget to take some home with you to enjoy as well!

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▲Side dish (okazu) plate Bento version

It is important to note that occassionally, cafe pot may use alchol based ingrediants such as sake, mirin and white wine in preparing the okazu plate. If you make a reservation at least 3 days in advance, they can make preperations to make the dish without alcohol for a more muslim friendly option.

In general, the curry plate and namul rice plate do not contain any alcohol so these options are also uslim friendly.

ADDRESS 609 Takanecho Gochoda, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-0017
HOURS 11:30〜19:00(OCT〜JUL), 11:30〜19:30(AUG、SEPT) 
BUDGET 1000¥~2000¥
TEL 0551-47-2044
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  • July 14, 2020


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