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A relaxing space where you can forget the flow of time

In Yamanashi Prefectures Hokuto-city lies a stylish café within the walls of a renovated old-Japanese style house that dates back more than 100 years. Near the café entrance, the adorable poster-girl of the shop, a cute goat awaits you. Surrounded by nature in an old Japanese style house and with a goat as your company provides a relaxing sort of environment where you can easily forget the flow of time. And as you enter the shop, just like the name states you can gaze out at the beautiful green pastures from your engawa (veranda) seat.

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This café was opened in 2009 and is run by a married couple. The husband, who was once a ramen craftsman and the wife who worked in the past as an Italian cuisine chef work together to create this unique and popular café menu that serves both pizzas, and ramen. Furthermore, on top of their ramen, pizza, plate options, and desserts they always make sure to make something that can be enjoyed fully vegan as well.

Vegan dishes that convey the deliciousness of vegetables

The reason why they decided to offer a vegan menu lies in their own family. When a child of theirs developed an allergy at a young age, the couple began to gather lots of information about food, and during this time a vegan friend was made. And it was at that point did the couple begin to realize just how wonderfully plant-based food can bring out the deliciousness of the vegetables used. And so, the food that they ate in their daily lives became primarily plant-based, and with the idea of having the food, they sell at the café continue to be something they want to eat they switched over to their current vegetable centered menu style.

The Yatsugatake area in particular is known for being a region blessed with an abundance of easily obtainable fresh and delicious vegetables. To the couple who had both worked as professional chefs up into this point, they know very well that Yatsugatake harvested vegetables provide a flavor that is truly a cut above the rest.

The flavoring of each dish provides a gentleness that reminds one of a nice home-cooked meal. Fermented food such as salted koji and amazake are often used in their cooking as even without intense seasoning with simply utilizing their natural flavoring you can really bring out the deliciousness of your vegetables.

The most popular dish is the engawa ramen.
The chashu is seasoned with herbs and it gives the dish a sort of light yet rich flavor to it.

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▲engawa ramen(Shio 800¥/Shoyu 850¥)

Another dish aimed towards vegans is the “Veggie Tsukemen”. The soup stock is produced from konbu while sake, mirin and soy sauce are used for flavoring. Then it is topped with an assortment of seasonal vegetables to finish.

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▲Veggie Tsukemen

The cheese on Café engawa’s vegan pizza “Veggie Pizza” has even been made vegan, as combination of Tofu, miso, rice flour, sesame oil, and olive oil which can be enjoyed paired with fresh vegetables.

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▲Veggie pizza

The okazu plate comes with a set of 3 different types of side dishes, quiche, and a soup. Although the dish is generally prepared with non-vegan ingredients, when ordering if you just mention you would like it made vegan it can easily be prepared as a vegan dish for you.


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▲Okazu (side dish) plate 5 piece

For Muslim guests who are concerned about the alcohol content in their food, please speak to the staff during your visit about their Muslim friendly options such as their pizza or okazu plate. (The ramen is prepared with alcohol)

On top of that, the various desserts they offer also change based on the season and no matter what they always made sure to prepare at least one vegan dessert.


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▲Vegan sweets



Although a bit rare for a café, café engawa offers ramen on their menu and is quite popular with male customers. It is also a favorite among vegans and vegetarians as well as those who are not. This Yatsugatake region café provides a healthy dose of deliciousness to a wide range of customers and is certainly a spot we recommend.

As the has no designated days off, it is recommended to check their SNS page the day you would like o visit to check if they are open!

ADDRESS 〒408-0003 Yamanashi, Hokuto, Takanecho Higashiide, 155
CLOSED No designated days off
HOURS  11:30~16:30 (L.O), 17:30~20:00 (Night time reservation)
TEL 0551-47-6065
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  • July 14, 2020


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