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An all vegan restaurant located in the center of Kofu

A 15 minute walk from Kofu station, nestled among the many stores of the Sakura Street shopping area lies a vegan restaurant by the name of Fluunt Kofu. Their plant based vegan dishes are abundant in mouthwateringly vibrant colors.

The concept of this restaurant
As to be expected of a restaurant who’s concept is offering plant based dishes that excite those who eat them. Thus their menus are packed with dishes that excite both the taste buds and the eyes.

When the shop opened in 2016, the concept of vegan food was not yet widespread in the area, and the shop owners went through many struggles in getting customers to understanding their approach. However, today the restaurant has garnered the attention of many health conscious locals as well as tourists from abroad who have learned of Fluunt as one of Kofu’s most famous Vegan restaurants.

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Vegan food that shocks your senses

This raw ingredients for this cafes dishes range from more traditional veggies to rare super foods. However their efforts do not end just at the raw ingredients used. Fluunt puts effort into keeping their food colorful, having variations in the both sweet and bitter flavors, how it feels in your mouth as you bite into it and even the sound it generates as you eat. Perhaps because this food is all completely plant based that it can be so richly enjoyed by all five senses.

The most popular dish is the Fluunt Bowl.

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▲Fluunt Bowl(1100JPY)

Topped with a collection of vibrant vegetables that reminds you of a delicatessen, one point that sets this dish apart from many others is the wide variety of vegetables you can enjoy with every bite of this Fluunt Bowl. The vegetables are mainly in season and Yamanashi farmed, with the rice in particular being naturally cultivated from Hokuto city in the north of the prefecture. On top of that, the Fluunt bowl is also popular for being rich in nutrients as it contains plenty herbs and super foods. This is a dish that even pleases your body.

Also, there is the veggie burger which from the shops opening with unwaveringly strong popularity.

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▲ Fluunt Burger(A la carte 600\)
※Drinks and sides are not included in the above price

Using their in-house crafted soy bean-based soy meat, Fluunt has created their very filling and volume packed Veggie burger. With its entirety being plant based, eating your fill of this dish doesn’t leave your body heavy and overwhelmed. Fluunt has 7 different types of burgers, with the fluunt burger with its fluunt original tomato sauce on top being the most popular. They also offer a cheese burger that uses sake kazu to make the cheese aptly named the “Sake kasu burger”, as well as a “veggie demi-glace” burger which brings out the beautiful sweetness and deep flavor of onions. Those at Fluunt have created a wide ranged menu full with dishes that has gathered the interest of many.

Also, to provide an environment where Muslim guests can ear rest-assured, there is a large amount of items on their menu that contain no alcohol at all. And for items like the fluunt bowl all that is required to let the wait staff know to have it prepared with no alcohol when you place your order. Furthermore, Fluunt has multilingual staff so for non-Japanese speaking guests with dietary restrictions this is certainly a stop we recommend!

On your next trip through Kofu, don’t forget to stop on by!

Note: All prices mentioned are tax included

ADDRESS 1 Chome-1-7 Central, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0032
HOURS DiNE IN: WED〜SUN 11:30 ~ 15:00 (L.O 14:30), TAKE OUT: 11:00 ~ 16:00 (L.O 15:30)
TEL 055-232-7789
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  • July 14, 2020


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