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An Italian restaurant in Kawaguchi-ko that offers vegan food

A 7-minute walk from Kawaguchi-ko station is an Italian style restaurant that I would like to recommend to people all across the world and restaurant is Trattoria La Luce.

While being a luxurious Italian restaurant where you can enjoy delicious dishes using Yamanashi produced ingredients such as Koshu beef and Shingen Chicken, this restaurant is a place where vegan, vegetarian and Muslim guests can eat with an ease of mind.

Having relatives that reside abroad, restaurant owner Mr. Teruaki Watanabe from a young age he had many opportunities to interact with people from abroad and he himself still travels to Australia often even to this day. Due to these reasons, it can be said that to a certain degree he has a high-level understanding of cultures outside of Japan.

The reason behind his aim to become a chef lies in his experiences in Australia, being treated to the cooking of people from all across the world and it was an experience that everyone enjoyed. From this experience he came to the realization that even if you cannot communicate well with words, you can still bring people joy. Deeply moved, it was at this point that he decided to peruse the path of a culinary chef. For that purpose, upon starting the Italian restaurant in his home town of Kawaguchi-ko, he decided on making a place where no matter the dietary restrictions or needs, people would be able to eat without worry.

Foreigners rest-assured! A restaurant that can easily adapt to those with dietary restrictions!

On one occasion a foreign traveler hoisting two large suitcases came to the restaurant. Upon somehow being able to ask about the contents of the suitcases, they were revealed to be filled with food. Unable to find a restaurant in Japan where he could enjoy food despite his dietary restrictions, he was left with no other choice but to carry around his own food. After hearing this, Owner Watanabe was left in complete shock. In that moment, he felt deeply in his heart that he did not want any foreigners who travelled to the Kawaguchi-ko area to ever have to worry over such a basic life necessity such as being able to eat safely.

As La Luce’s motto us “to make people feel happy through food,” they consider it their first and foremost duty to listen to the needs of customers with dietary restrictions to the fullest extent so that they can provide them with what they need.

Pizza and pasta options can also be prepared in a vegan / vegetarian friendly manner.


▲Mt. Fuji lava stone roasted pizza(Veggie Pizza)1,263¥

La Luce innovates in various ways, whether its in using an abundance of organic vegetables or creating a veggie pizza with vegan cheese or a porcini pasta made from mushrooms kombu and Truffle oil that gives a delicious scent due to the vegetables used.

And for Muslim guests, with a request upon ordering they can quickly accommodate to making your desired meal without alcohol.

The pizza is baked in a Mt. Fuji Lava Rock stove which is abundant in infrared rays and minerals and when it is done it is has an exceedingly fluffy and full texture.

At La Luce they use locally harvested organic vegetables as much as possible, and depending on the season they also use fresh home-grown vegetables as well.


▲Irodori Vegetable salad (prepared with organic vegetables) 782¥ 

The seafood portion of the menu is the “Watari Crab tomato simmered pasta”.
This dish is something Owner Watanuki came up with while studying under an Italian chef in Tokyo. Simmering a watari crab, shell and all in oil allows the fragrance of the oil to really sleep in and it pairs perfectly with a special and rather luxurious sauce that takes 48 hours to prepare—creating a delicious pasta dish.

▲Watari Crab tomato simmered pasta 1,355¥


One great thing about this restaurant is that for Vegetarian, Vegan and Muslim guests as well as those who are not can all sit down together and enjoy a delicious meal rest assured.

If you are vising Kawaguchi-ko we recommend stopping by.

Note: prices listed do not include tax

ADDRESS 3317 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0301
CLOSED MON – in the case that Monday is a holiday, the following Tuesday will be taken off.
HOURS 11:30 ~ 21:30
TEL 0555-28-5778
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  • July 14, 2020


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