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Are you brave enough to dive deep into the depths of a lava cave at the foot of Mt. Fuji?


Aokigahara is a vast, unusual forest located north of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. Often dubbed as Japan’s “Suicide Forest,” many are only familiar with the dark side of this woodland. You should experience the forest for yourself before making any prejudgment—and what better way than through a thrilling cave exploration tour?

Around 1,200 years ago, a large eruption on Mt. Fuji resulted in the formation of countless lava caves in the surrounding areas. Of these caves, we set out to explore one of the largest, “Fuji Fuketsu Wind Cave” in the midst of Aokigahara’s sea of trees.

▲Surrounded by the evergreen foliage of Aokigahara


Choose from English, Chinese, or Japanese when arranging a tour with one of the professional guides at THE HIGHEST PEAK(External Link). They will provide you with the necessary guidance and equipment to ensure you can have a safe and fun experience. Mr. Omori, an English-speaking guide, started our tour by sharing detailed explanations of the many easy-to-miss wonders of the forest.

▲Moss, tree monster, and pahoehoe lava flow

The Dark Beauty of Aokigahara

The Aokigahara forest is designated as a natural monument, and it is home to thousands of living creatures, including deer, weasels, flying squirrels and wild boars. You might even mistake the trees themselves for mythical creatures, with their tangled roots fully exposed and overlapping each other. Apparently, this phenomenon occurs because the hard volcanic rock on the forest floor prevents the roots from penetrating through. In order to survive in such an unusual environment, the trees rely on wet winds and moss blankets to supply them with moisture and nutrients.

Into the Depths of the Cave

At last, we arrived at the entrance to the cave. There’s no turning back now…

▲Anxious moments before entering the dark abyss

Stretching 100 meters deep, the Fuji Fuketsu Wind Cave is pitch-dark and chillingly quiet. Eerily enough, this underground dwelling wasn’t always abandoned. As the thick ice layers that line the cave melt away over the years, artifacts from centuries ago have begun to surface—suggesting it was once occupied by humans. I won’t go into too much detail, because hearing these untold tales—in the depths of this murky, ominous cave—is one of the many captivating thrills of this tour.

▲From the deepest portion of the cave

After returning to the Narusawa Road Station, we made sure to thank Mr. Omori for such an exhilarating experience. Without hesitation, he let us know that there is still more to see… daring us to come back… and plunge deeper into the depths of the hidden lava caves of Mt. Fuji once again.

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  • April 14, 2022


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