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Yatsugatake Outdoor Activities is a company offering outdoor activities in the Kiyosato area, such as e-bike tours, segway, and kayak adventures, among many others. On a hot summer day in July, we took part to a walking tour in the forest, in the surroundings of Moegi no Mura. Visitors can find in this charming European-looking village plenty of cute shops, a music box museum, an atmospheric whisky bar(外部リンク), and the restaurant ROCK( External link ), famous for its delicious curry and refreshing craft beers made by the Yatsugatake Brewery. Please read our articles to know more!


We met the staff on the parking lot of Moegi no Mura, where we found a small hut in which the office and reception desk of Yatsugatake Outdoor Activities are located.

Why should you join this tour? Because you will never take a stroll in the forest the same way you used to! The guide, who is very qualified, showed us during these one and a half hour-long tours how to actively enjoy all the charms of the forest.





For instance, we stopped several times to scratch the bark of certain trees to smell their delicate fragrance, and we learnt how to make a trumpet-sounding whistle using a long and thin piece of leaf held between our two thumbs. The guide also made us notice the traces left by wild animals, like the deer.

Yatsugatake5Talking about animals, your four-legged friends are more than welcomed on the tour, as you can see with Kuu-chan, an adorable shiba dog who joined the walk with her owners.

I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the tour: for example, as we stopped for a few minutes, the guide gave us a limited time, and asked us to look in a 10 meters radius a plant whose smell is supposed to remind the Japanese of a familiar food (in this case, sansho, or Japanese pepper). As I am not Japanese, I could not get involved as much as I wanted to; however, I thought that this way of making us actively participate instead of just listening to stories was a very good idea.





After the tour, we suggest you to get ice cream at Moegi no Mura, or ride your car for about 10 minutes until you reach Palet d’or, an iconic shop owned by the chocolatier Shunsuke Saguesa. There, treat yourself with some delicious soft ice cream: you can choose between Noir (chocolate only), Blanc (chocolate with cream), or Rendez-vous (as it names shows, it is a mix of both!).

Finally, here are a few things you should bring with you: water, walking shoes (regular sneakers are good enough), and, if you like, snacks that you can munch on while enjoying the view on the waterfall. Before the start of the tour, you can borrow some insect repellent from the guide, or bring your own.




Access information

Price (tax included): 2500 yen for adults (junior high school students and above),
 2000 yen for children (elementary school students),
free of charge for young children

Moegi no Mura is located about 2h by car from Shinjuku via the Chuo Expressway.
If you are coming by train, take a limited express to Matsumoto, transfer at Kobuchisawa station, and take the Koumi line to Kiyosato. From there, walk for about 10 minutes to Moegi no Mura (total: about 2h30).

Adress : Yamanashi-ken, Hokuto-shi, Takane-cho, Kiyosato 3545 Moegi no Mura 407-0301



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  • August 27, 2021


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