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On my quest to find new ways to enjoy Mt. Fuji, I discovered the most bizarre one yet… while gliding across the sky.


Oshino Sky Sports

Oshino Sky Sports Club is a hang-glider school in Oshino Village, Yamanashi. Whether you’re seeking a hang-gliding license, or just a day-trip activity—you’re at the right place.

▲Entrance to Oshino Sky Sports

The flight property stretches across a high plateau overlooking Mt. Fuji. Two wholesome gentlemen run the flight school, both true masters of the skies. Our instructor, Hayashi Yutaka, has been doing this for over 20 years now, teaching a total of over 10,000 towing courses. Keep an eye out for the little winged-friend he has perched on his hat—perhaps that’s who he gets his flying wisdom from? Hayashi will give you a brief rundown of hang-gliding, and how wind speed and direction are key to a good flight. The mechanics are actually pretty similar to flying a kite… except the kite is massive, and there’s a human strapped to it!

▲Instructor Hayashi helps us get strapped in 

Hang-Gliding: Towing Course

Our group of newbies, having no prior experience, decided to go with the easiest course available: towing. Towing is a type of hang-gliding that also gives you that exhilarating stomach-drop feeling of weightlessness, all while suspended in mid-air. Imagine being catapulted across the sky like a slingshot… I know that analogy sounds kind of scary, but towing is actually super safe. In fact, there is no age restriction, so even your little ones can strap in with you to enjoy this sky-high ride.
※Ride with only one child at a time. Combined weight must not exceed 90 kilograms.


Luckily there’s no audio, or else you’d have to suffer through my screams (of excitement, of course).

Barbecue Plan

We had included the barbecue plan in our reservation, so a table and grill were waiting for us after we descended down from the sky. Savory meats, including beef, pork, and chicken, lined our plates, and there was even a colorful selection of veggies and sauces to choose from (drinks not included).

▲Barbecue Plan

There was a group of flyers gearing up for their flying session near our table. The family made hungry glances at our feast, as the smell of freshly grilled meats wafted through the air. It was right at the peak of lunch hour, so hunger pangs were hitting and there was no hiding the symphony of growls coming from our stomachs.

After getting a taste of sky sports, I think I finally understand what people mean when they say adrenaline can be addictive. I’ll be planning a trip back to Oshino Sky Sports soon, next time to try the more daring alternative, tandem hang-gliding!

More Info

Oshino Sky Sports Website:
Address: 2661 Uchino, Oshino, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

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  • July 15, 2022


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