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85th Kofu Ebisu-Ko Festival  Carry a shrine at Ebisu-ko

Date: November 23rd (Sat) , 2019

The Kofu Ebisu-Ko Festival is a festival dedicated to worshipping the God Ebisu, who is regarded as a “God of protection”, the main goals of the festival are to provide thanks for this year safety, and to pray for good harvest and prosperity in business during the following year. This festival has been held on November 23rd from 1929.
Although first held 90 years age, this year marks its 85th year anniversary as a consecutive event.
In commemoration for the first time, we have planned this fully-foreigner supported shrine carrying portion to be the highlights of the event.
85th ebisuko festival


1)Prepare one central shrine for foreigners
2)Explanation of the festival outline and how to properly carry a shrine.
3)A dedicated English interpreter guide will be provided.
4)A Happi coat, which is Japanese traditional costume for festival will be prepared.

Photography welcomed!

Date: November 23rd (Sat), 2019
Fee: Free
Meeting place: Yamanashi Prefectural  
                          Government, Bosai Shinkan
○Meeting time: 10:30 am
○Number of applicants: Maximum 20 people

Application due date: Nov. 15th (Fri)

Schedule  (Nov.23rd)

At 10:30am, meet at Yamanashi Prefectural Government, Bosai Shinkan (Explain the outline of the festival, change into Happi coat and so on) till 11:30am.
At noon, move to Kofu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kofu Shoukokaigisho), after the opening ceremony starts, shrine carrying will begin around 12:30pm.
Arrive at Maizuru-jo park which is the finishing point at around 17:00pm
Return to Yamanashi Prefectural Government, Bosai Shinkan to change clothes.
Dismiss around 17:30pm.

*Depending on the road and weather conditions, the estimated arrival time and schedule may change.

*Application / Inquiry

Contact / Application
Registration number: Yamanashi Prefecture Governor Registration Travel Industry No. 2-268
Public Relations Department
Yamanashi Tourism Organization / Fujinokuni Yamanashi Tabi Center

Address: 1-6-1 Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0031    
Yamanashi Pref. Office annex Build. 2F
Tel: +81-55-231-2230     
Fax: +81-55-231-3040       

General travel service manager: Yoshihiro OKA
Business hour:  9am to 5pm (week day only)







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  • October 16, 2019


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