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Just a stone’s throw from Mt. Fuji lies the Yamanashi Prefectural Aquarium, also known as the “Aquarium in the forest”. Coming from New Jersey in the United States, all the aquariums I had always known were right by the ocean— and often right on beach shores so it felt very unique to visit an aquarium deep inside of Yamanashi forests.

However, that is not all that this Aquarium has to offer. The official name of the Aquarium is Yamanashi Prefectural Fuji Spring-Fed Village Aquarium. As the name suggests, the fishes inside of the aquarium here are raised on water from Mt. Fuji springs. That sounds pretty fancy if you ask me!

  A traffic jam of fish!


There are also many different tanks inside of the aquarium that were made to mimic the environment of the Fuji five lakes and other natural habitats of the area. The primary reason being, because all the creatures found in the aquarium are Yamanashi locals! Furthermore, most of them are species that have been traditionally eaten in Yamanashi. There is also a corner on the second floor titled “a delicious aquarium” that has some original recipe cards created by the aquarium staff.

  Fujinosuke Display

For those who are familiar with the Yamanashi Fisheries Industry, you may have heard of the Fujinosuke brand fish. This specific fish is a crossbreed between a King Salmon and a Rainbow Trout which takes the best features from each fish and combines it into a delicious masterpiece. Although Fujinosuke is quite an expensive fish to eat, you can take a look at the live thing at the prefectural aquarium for only 420 yen per adult.


There are many things to enjoy within the museum and although most of the aquarium is in Japanese the scientific name of every species is written beneath the Japanese and there are also English pamphlets near the entrance. For those who want a little more, there is a staff member who is fluent in English who can help out English-speaking guests so it’s recommended to call beforehand to see if the staff will be available during the time of your visit.


Lastly, but certainly, my favorite is the gift shop. During my visit last year I purchased this adorable shark, and this year I got myself a stingray! Not only are they cute but they’re super soft too!

Without a doubt worth every yen.




CLOSED: Every Tuesday + 12/28-1/1

OPEN:  9am-6pm


Adults 420¥

Elementary + Middle School Age 200¥

Toddlers + Disabled Guests FREE


3098-1 Shibokusa, Oshino, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0511


              3 min walk from Sakana Park Bus Stop on Fujikyu Bus Line

TEL: +81-555-20-5135


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  • July 29, 2021


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