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          The next stop on our journey was by far my favorite. Opened in the midst of Japan’s macrobiotic boom, Farmer Café: Café Couleur is an 11-year-old vegan style café with food so delicious it will leave you coming back again and again, and again. 

          Although the menu changes every 2 weeks, Café Couleur offers a wide variety of vegetable platters vegan and halal friendly desserts and even traditional ‘meat’ dishes like the Japanese pork cutlet curry (Katsu Curry) entirely without meat. If you have been considering becoming a vegetarian or vegan, but enjoy the feeling of meat too much—the kurumafu (a sort of gluten meat substitute) provides that nice rich texture and feeling of fullness that meat does, all while being the much healthier option. It is not only traditional meat dishes that they’ve made vegan either, other dishes such as their desserts and even ice cream have been made so that you can rest easy and have a healthy and delicious meal.


          On top of that, Café Coleur also prides itself in providing their customers with some of the most delicious and organic vegetables they can find. While in the past they used vegetables that they grew themselves, with the passing of the owner’s father not too far back they switched to working together with local organic farmers they trust. 

          Another interesting detail is that the 150-year-old building of the café is uniquely located on the grounds of the owner’s peach farm, a spring visit to Café Couleur offers views of beautiful pink peach blossoms cascading down along the horizon. For those who are interested in Japanese farming life, the Café also has a partnership with WWOOF a global farming internship program. WWOOF participants from all around the world can apply to work short or long term on Café Couleur’s farms. Working on the farms not only do they have a chance at learning about the number one peach producing town in Japan but they also have the opportunity to pick up a bit of Japanese and meet new agriculture loving people from all across the nation and the world. Couleur had participated in the WWOOF program for over 8 years, and accept applicants from March to October so for those who interested please visit the WWOOF homepage while applications are still open. 

          While the restaurant is slightly on the pricy side, I cannot express enough how worth it the meals are (not to mention the friendly staff, great music and cool interior). Not only are the dishes perfectly portioned and filling they also provide a delicious and familiar taste that really will leave you coming back for more. Thus, making this a stop on your next trip through Fuefuki that is not to be missed!
          Note: most dishes are halal friendly save for the sauce used on the irodori veggie plate. Please consult with your waiter / waitress if have any dietary restrictions.

Café Couleur

ADDRESS: 〒405-0079 Yamanashi, Fuefuki, Ichimiya, Kaneda 1223
HOURS :11:30~15:30
BUDGET: 1000¥~2000¥
TEL: 0553-47-5899
URL: External link )

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  • June 15, 2020


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