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Summer is the season for climbing Mt. Fuji!

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to Japan to climb Mt Fuji. Located in both Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures, there are 4 different routes to reach the top of Japan's most iconic mountain, being Yoshida Route, in Yamanashi, the most popular one. 

The 3.776 m high Mt. Fuji is Japan's highest mountain. Due to the altitude, the weather gets colds near the top, especially at night, and rains can start anytime. To help you to have a safe climb and enjoy Mt. Fuji to its fullest, the Mt. Fuji Rangers prepared a guide with instructions and tips on how to get there, what to bring, and what to do.

Part 1 - Planning


From July 10th to September 10th, cars, buses or any other private vehicle are not allowed on Fuji Subaru Line, the road that leads to Mt. Fuji 5th Station, from where most people start to climb. If you come by car, you will need to park at the North Parking area (1000 yen) and ride a shuttle bus (charged) to 5th Station. For more details, please access the following page: .

It is possible to ride a bus departing from Kawaguchiko Station (Fujikyuko Line) or directly from Shinjuku Station.

STOP Bullet Climbing

"Bullet Climbing" is the term used for climbing from 5th station to the top of Mt. Fuji without resting at one of the mountain huts, departing at night to reach the top on time to see the sunrise. When people don't have enough rest, the risks of suffering altitude sickness or causing an accident get higher. Be sure to plan a safe climb.

Avoid crowded days

To avoid congestion and help to keep the trails safe, the recommended limit number of climbers per day was set on 4.000 people for Yoshida route. There are no restrictions, but checking the congestion forecast calendar is advised for those who want to avoid traffic jam and have a pleasant climb.

Check the forecast here:

Check your physical strength  

Check your physical strength and plan your climb according to it. It is advised to reach the hut where you will spend the night about 4 pm, to have enough time to rest before resuming the climb.

Reserve a hut as soon as possible

As soon as you set a date, make your reservation! In a period of only 2 months, 280 thousand people climb Mt. Fuji so the huts become fully booked fast. If all huts are full on the day you are planning to go, don't risk yourself on a bullet climbing! It is better to change the days and go when you have a reservation.

Register your plan

You can write your climbing plan and submit a paper version of it at the police station located in 5th Station or use websites/apps as Compass (

Check the weather forecast

On the day before you go to Mt. Fuji, check the weather forecast to see if the conditions are suitable for a safe climb. Don't put yourself in danger. It is better to cancel your plans than face a risky situation.



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  • August 6, 2018


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