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In Fuji-Q Highland, a theme park in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi, there is a new attraction as of July 2019. Some of you may know of it, it's the "Hidden Leaf Village" from the popular anime, Naruto. Selling over 250 million copies worldwide, many hold this series close to their hearts.

▲Hidden Leaf Village at Fuji-Q Highland

In the preview presented for the press, we got to meet the main characters of the show and were given an exclusive sneak peek at the theme park's new attraction.

▲Ninja poses for the press release

At the Hidden Leaf Village, you can enjoy 3D laser battles, a Ninja museum, a game arcade, a photos booth, the famous "Ichiraku" ramen restaurant, and dessert and souvenir shops.

3D Shooting Ride (Dojo Hall)

▲3D Shooting Ride (Dojo Hall)

With lots of great, detailed 3D animations, this laser shooting ride is considered the main attraction of the themed area!


We put on our 3D glasses, hopped in the 4-person ninja-mobile, and dove into the surreal world of ninjas.


▲Guided by senpai-ninjas like Kakashi, we test our ninja skills


At the end of the ride, you and your friends can view your scores on the screen!

Ninja Way Museum

▲Ninja Way Museum

Here, you can see a special animations that put you right in the thrilling action scenes between Naruto and Sasuke. You can also sit in the head seat of the Hokage Office. This is definitely a must-try for fans of the series.

▲Hokage Office

There is also a camera that lets you take photos alongside your favorite characters, so be sure to snap some shots before leaving your throne! 

▲Ninja Way Museum (displays)

There are several high-resolution video panels, as well as life-sized statues of the characters that offer content that is amusing for both casual and super-fans alike.

Game Arcade (Ninjutsu Carnival)

▲Game Arcade (Ninjutsu Carnival)

Here, you can enjoy three types of fun games: tossing frogs, throwing shuriken (ninja stars), and hitting balls. If you are able to hit the target at least once, you will be rewarded with a plushie of one of the characters from the series.

▲Game Arcade (games)

Photo Booth

Here, you can finally bring your favorite characters to life in some photos to commemorate your visit to the Hidden Leaf Village! The exclusive frames add a nice touch to the HD shots.

▲Photos taken at "Mangekyo Photo Studio"

Restaurants and Souvenir Shop

▲"Ichiraku" Ramen Restaurant

This is the ramen restaurant Naruto often eats at in the anime. Apparently, the colors, objects and even the menu were all modeled exactly after the anime. You better go and check it out for yourself, to confirm this!

fujiq201907-23  fujiq201907-24

If you're lucky enough, your favourite characters may come and crash your meal for a photo!

▲Dessert Shop

This dessert shop sells different types of character-related taiyaki. There are also limited-time menus and drinks made for each season, so you'll have something to look forward to all year round.

Before you go home, don't forget to load up on ninja merch at the souvenir shop!

▲Souvenir Shop

This themed area is truly a dream come true for Naruto fans...

Believe it!

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  • April 14, 2022


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