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 Situated at the foot of Mt.Fuji, at the home of Mt.Fuji Yamanashi there are many wonderful spots where you can view Mt.Fuji, and within those are places recognized as ‘power spots’ a.k.a good luck spots where your luck is said to improve just by visiting. We’ll introduce a few select Good Luck Mt.Fuji View Spots today! 

1.     Kawaguchi-ko Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

Mt. Fuji is known as the number one power spot in Japan, and there are also plenty of spots surrounding the great mountain. One of those spots is Mt. Tenjou, the main location for famous Japanese Author Osamu Dazai’s short story "Kachikachi Yama (Crackling Mountain)". To reach the top, you can take the Mt.Fuji ropeway on a short 3-minute ride from Kawaguchikohan station up to Fujimidai station. Here you can view Kawaguchi-ko lake and Mt. Fuji all in one grand panorama view!


▲Mt. Fuji views from the summit!

At the top of the ropeway lies the special power spot for this location, a cute heart-shaped bell called the “Tenjo bell” that is rumored to bestow people blessings in their love life if they ring it while looking at Mt. Fuji. If a family rings it together, it is said to bless the family so that everyone stays healthy.


▲The Tenjo Bell 

Close by is the “Rabbit Shrine”. Enshrined here is a Rabbit deity because rabbits are quick on their feet they are considered a messenger of the gods and a diety of Great Enlightenment.


▲Rabbit Shrine 

This particular spot is quite famous for its cherry blossoms in the spring, and its beautiful views of Mt. Fuji during any season. As a walking course, it is recommended to come and enjoy the beautiful hydrangeas in the summer or the fall foliage during the autumn season during your one-hour climb up the mountain!


  ~Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway~

1163-1 Azagawa, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0303

TEL: 0555-72-0363

2. Shosenkyo Gorge

A travel spot representing Yamanashi: Shosenkyo. Often called Japan’s most beautiful river valley, Shosenkyo has even been recognized as a National Heritage spot by the government!


Of course, those who walk the Shosenkyo promenade can take in the wonders of the four seasons, however, we’d also like to greatly recommend taking the ropeway up to the top. At the top of the ropeway, there is a treasure trove of power spots! And also the unique view of Mt. Fuji from the worshipping area is in a league of its own!


▲Mt. Fuji from the worshipping area’s panorama station

・Wagou Gongen, Ukifuji Hiroba

There is a 350-year-old sacred tree that symbolizes both the masculine and feminine named “Wagou Gongen” located at the top of the mountain and is a power spot visited for good childbirth and marriage. After worshipping it is said that if you visit the Ukifuji Hiroba to view Mt. Fuji your luck will go up even more!



▲Wagou Gongen


▲Mt. Fuji from Ukifuji-hiroba

Beside the ropeway sun boarding area there is the “Wishing Bell Sanctuary”. Toss your offering into the heart-shaped entrance of the bell, and if it enters successfully you are said to get good luck in relationships! 

・Yakumo Shrine

Here at Yakumo shrine is a famous power spot to pray to the Japanese deities Susanoo-no-Mikoto and one of his wives Kushinadahime for a happy and blessed marriage.


 Yakumo Shrine


About a ten-minute walk from the observation deck is one of the top power spots at Shosenkyo. The highest peak here is on top of a large stone that spills out into the scenery and if you walk to the edge you can see some of the most beautiful views of Mt. Fuji and the Minami-Alps spreading out right before your eyes. It is said that some of the sacred energy of Mt. Fuji flows through here, so don’t forget to visit here and absorb all of that good juju.



<Facility Information >

Shosenkyo Ropeway Co., Ltd

〒400-1217  441 Ikari-cho, Kofu City



Here is another one of our English Articles introducing Shosenkyo!


3.Mt. Minobu

Kuonji Temple atop Mt. Minobu is the head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism and was opened over 700 years ago during the Kamakura period by the great Buddhist Priest Nichiren.


My. Minobu is a sacred prayer mountain and said to be a land where many spirits dwell. It is considered a holy land where many lotus sutra believers (on which the Nichiren sect was found) come to visit this temple to pay worship. It is said that the entire Minobu Mountain is a power spot, but the most recommended area is at the mountain peak, accessible via a ropeway taken from near the temple. From here you can view the beautiful mountains of the Minobu Area as well as Mt. Fuji in the back.


▲Mt. Fuji as seen from the peak

4.Hottarakashi Onsen

Hottarakashi Onsen (Hot Springs) is a wonderful spot representative as a day trip onsen where you can view the magnificent sights of Mt. Fuji and the Kofu Basin spreading out before you.


▲Hottarakashi Onsen 

The view is amazing so visiting the hot springs to check out the night scenery is a great option but I personally recommend an early morning visit. Because they open just before sunrise, you can take a bath in the hot springs and in the rising run at the same time. The waters are a simple alkaline-based bath, but while you take in the good energy from this power spot you can also take in the great views of Mt. Fuji dyed by the rising sun which is said to increase your luck even more!


▲Morning sun views from the Acchi-no-yu baths


▲Views of Mt. Fuji from the Kocchi-no-you baths 

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Climbing up slightly from the Hottarakashi Onsen area you can visit the Hottarakashi Camping area.

hottarakashi camping 

▲Hottarakashi Camping Area Reception Stand

The view of Mt. Fuji from their Camping Area café is absolutely superb!


▲View of Mt. Fuji from the Hottarakashi Camping Area Sanpo Café.


<Facility Information>

  Hottarakashi Onsen

  1669-18 Yatsubo, Yamanashi-shi, Yamanashi, 405-0036



10 minutes by car from Yamanashishi Station, JR Chuo Line(Taxi fare: Est. 2400¥ one way)


5.Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge (Yellow Bridge)


Yatsugatake Kougen Bridge (Yellow Bridge)


Yatsugatake Mountains and Yellow Bridge

Seeing as the bridge is right at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains, the view of the mountain range is absolutely beautiful. However, just on the other side there's also an amazing view of Mt. Fuji as well!


▲View of Mt. Fuji from Yatsutake Kogen Bridge

Near the bridge, there is the Doryuu Falls which is known as a power spot in the area. The Doryuu Falls is located in the Nishi-ide district of Oizumi-cho in Hokuto city, Yamanashi. The falls are 10m high and 15m wide. Its name, which means spitting dragon, is said to come from the fact that the appearance of water gliding down numerous small waterfalls looks like a dragon spitting out water. It is located at an altitude of 1000m above sea level and is said to have the same atmospheric pressure as a mother's womb, thus granting a sort of healing effect to visitors of the area. The Doryuu Falls is a beautiful slice of nature completely untouched by humans. Come here and gather great energy from this power spot!


▲The Doryuu Falls


 ・Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge

Higashi-ide, Takane-cho, Hokuto City


By bus: Take a Kiyosato Picnic Bus (limited period) from Kiyosato Station, JR Koumi Line. Get off at the Yatsugatake-ohashi/Nakamuranojo-mae stop.
By taxi: 10 minutes from Kiyosato Station, JR Koumi Line.

 ・Doryuu Falls

8240-1 Oizumicho Nishiide, Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture 409-1501


  【Bus】Get off at Kiyosato Station on the JR Koumi Line, take the Kiyosato Picnic Bus (for a limited time), get off at "Doryu Falls Entrance", and walk for about 25 minutes.

  【Taxi】About 10 minutes by taxi from Kai-Oizumi Station or Kiyosato Station on the JR Koumi Line, about 15 minutes on foot from the parking lot

 (Yatsugatake Taxi Tel: 0120-48-1455/Kiyosato Travel Taxi Tel: 0551-48-2021)

We recommend borrowing an E-bike for traveling Kiyosato! 

Because these are electricity-powered bikes, uphill rides are easy!

Electric bicycles are available at the Kiyosato Station General Tourist Information Center next to Kiyosato Station on the JR Koumi Line.

Kiyosato Easy-Cycle

For more tourism-related articles about the Kiyosato area please check the article below!

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  • March 19, 2021


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