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              Our first stop on our Vegan Veggie and MF trip was a place deep in the forests of Hokuto, not too far from Shichiken and Suntory. Goddess of the forest: Soujyu is part of the nearby Cosmetics Company Arsoa that moved its head branch from the bustling streets of Tokyo to Yamanashi to really immerse themselves in the clean and beautiful nature of the area and embedding those aspects into their company philosophy.

              Taking full use of the surrounding natural resources for their company cafeteria, they decided to go with a macrobiotic diet themed menu. With beauty from the inside out being the company’s new slogan, Arsoa made a large variety of delicious and healthy meals that got so popular non-workers (with reservations) came to eat there. And with this came the inspiration for the Soujyu. Here you can enjoy in full restaurant style the delicious and healthy meals they have to offer. Although it’s a bit expensive, every meal on the list is certainly worth your dollar once you have a bite.


              Although Soujyu is not certified halal, a wide variety of its menu options contain no alcohol and they are also able to offer even more Muslim friendly options for those who call in advance! I also recommend checking out the shop inside of the restaurant in which you can find a variety of vegan/vegetarian friendly ingredients and snacks to take home!


Goddess of the Forest: Soujyu
ACCESS:  Yamanashi, Kobuchizawa, 1578 Megami no mori ( Central Garden)
HOURS: 11:30 〜 16:00(Lunch L.O. 14:00 /Café L.O. 15:00)
BUDGET: 2000¥~3000¥
TEL: 0551-36-5002
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  • June 15, 2020


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