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The Yamanashi Grapevine 2019 was published!

Yamanashi Prefecture is known for its astonishing nature. More than 75% of its lands is covered by forests and it is home to some of  Japan’s greatest mountains, including the iconic Mt. Fuji. But while immersed in its rich nature and admiring picturesque sceneries, what kinds of things can we actually do?

To answer this question, the editors of The Yamanashi Grapevine, a publication supported by The Osano Memorial Foundation, chose “Activities” as the main theme this year. In contrast to previous editions, this year we explored destinations almost unknown to the foreign public – and sometimes even locals – in order to introduce activities that most people wouldn’t connect with Yamanashi.

Paddling on the waters of Lake Motosuko, rowing under Saruhashi Bridge, practicing yoga at historical or world heritage sites, camping in a farm field, joining a trail running competition, and horseback riding in the mountains. Yamanashi has options for activities that go beyond our imagination.

We also experienced making washi in Minobu, an area famous for the production of traditional Nishijima washi; visited FujiQ Highland in winter to go ice skating and enjoy other famous attractions; and tried snowboarding for the first time in our lives in view of Mt. Yatsugatake and Mt. Fuji at Sun Meadows Kiyosato.

There are countless things to do in Yamanashi, and we hope this editions will help you choose one that will make your visit to Japan unforgettable.

GV editors

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  • March 29, 2019


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