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 Yamanashi Prefecture’s Hayakawa-cho truly is a place like no other. While being Japan’s lowest populated municipality (1,005 as of June 2019), it is also Japan’s 2nd largest municipality in terms of landmass. With such a small population taking up such a large width of land, walking through its wooded forests and unchanging towns it’s hard not to feel the pureness of it all.

It almost feels untouched, as if everything you touch, everything you see and everything you do is a discovery just for you. As our great ancestors stepped onto the shores of this island nation, surely they felt the same.


Rediscovering the old at Akasawasyuku( External link )

akasawasyuku 2019-01( External link )

A dip in the baths of the world’s oldest hotel: Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan( External link )

keiunkan2019-01( External link )


Living History in Hayakawa( External link )

mogura hayakawa 2019-01( External link )


Waterfall Meditation – Takigyo at Bentendou Waterfall( External link )

takigyo2019-01( External link )


Shitandoh: A countryside Guesthouse in Hayakawa Village( External link )

shitandou 2019-17( External link )

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  • November 11, 2019


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