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The Sunny Mountain 


Picture1.jpgLocated in Hokuto, Yamanashi, Mt. Hinata is an easy 1600m hike! It’s a great trail option for beginners and belongs to the northern part of the Akaishi mountain range between Mt. Kaikoma and Mt. Nokogiri. The trail has an excellent mix of inclines and flat areas, and with the exception of only a few sections it's quite a comfortable and easy-going climb.

The beginning of autumn in Yamanashi is especially ideal for outdoor activities like hiking. You can enjoy the mild temperatures and pleasant breezes all the way up Mt. Hinata.




The entire trail takes place throughout the mountains forest and even features a fog that gives the climb a mysteriousPicture3.jpg atmosphere. Signs mark the path in 10% intervals to show your progress.

              When you reach the top, it feels like the mountain transforms into a whole other world of white sand. You can hear the sound of rivers flowing in the distance too. It’s almost like being transported to a freshwater beach on top of a mountain.

              The sand is made from granite that has eroded over time. It’s the same rock found in Ojiragawa Keikoku.


              Because of the cloudy weather the misty photos we took on Mt. Hinata just didn’t do the view justice. The granite outcroppings, amidst the sand, surrounded by forests, and stretching for miles beyond the horizon, was absolutely incredible.




Access to the Yadateishi (矢立石登山口) Entrance at 1200m:


By Car:

From Kofu

1 hour on the Chuo Expressway from Kofu Station


From Kobuchizawa

25min from the Kobuchizawa Toll Booth

From Nagasaka

30m from the Nagasaka Toll Booth

*The closest parking to the mountain entrance is the Ojiragawa Keikoku lot.


By Public Transit

The closest train stations are: Hinoharu, Nagasaka and Kobuchizawa on the JR Chuo line.

*There is no direct public transit route to Mt. Hinata. To complete the journey kindly take a taxi from your nearest train station. Hinoharu Station is the first you will reach for those taking the train from Kofu Station.

Published on

  • April 15, 2021


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