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There are countless amounts of camp sites all across Yamanashi prefecture, and within those
Within the countless campsites all across Yamanashi prefecture, a particular style of camping has been gaining great traction. Introducing Glamping!
Glamping is a combination of the two words Glamourous and Camping. It is a particular type of camping experience that combines the style and comfort of a hotel with the beauty and joy of nature.
For today’s post, thrilled with the idea of our first glamping experience we headed towards an area filled with fellow Glampers, the Kiyosato Okanokoen to spend the night.

kiyosato glamping 2019-02 
▲ We stayed at one of Kiyosato Okanokoen’s Auto Camp sites. At our site, a tent and other things needed for our glamping experience were already set up!
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▲ Inside of each tent are two semi-double beds. Also included is a coffee marker, fridge, electric kettle and other eating utensils that are all lined up like in the insides of most hotels. Furthermore, as emergency measures for those cold winter nights they have heaters and an electric blanket prepared as well! Even though we didn’t have any camping equipment of our own we were able to spend the night in utter bliss.

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▲First off, to wash away our tiredness from travel, we headed to the hot springs! About a 3 minute walk from the Glamping site there was a free flowing hot spring named Tennyou-no-Yu.
Within the grounds of the ever-so-large hot springs, there was even an outdoor bath! The Carbonated water and Chloride baths were a deep and cloudy brownish-green in color, and upon rising from the baths our bodies were nice and warm and our skin felt wonderfully smooth. It was a very luxurious feeling natural hot spring that we got to experience right from the source!
And of course, the experience was entirely free for Glampers and even towels were included!

Also, inside the same Aqua Resort Kiyosato are where Tennyou-no-Yu was they also had a nice heated pool! This pool was also available to glampers free of charge!

And for those who wish to opt-out of the hot spring experience there are also many shower rooms located on the campsite.

kiyosato glamping 2019-04 kiyosato glamping 2019-05

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▲After our excursion to the onsen, was the long awaited dinner feast! Next to our glamping tents was an area with a grill for barbequing as well as a table.
As the ingredients and utensils needing for cooking were all supplied by the glamping site all we needed to do was BBQ the food on the grill and enjoy!

The menu felt like something straight out of a full course restaurant!
- A salad made from local highlands vegetables
- Pot-au-feu made from large bacon slices and mixed vegetables
- Acqua Pazza made from locally caught Rainbow trout
- Beef steak made with Yamanashi Wine
- Baguette
- Cheese Cake
We could barely even finish it all!
All of the food was seasoned and prepared by Restaurant grade Chef’s so the taste was amazing!
While enjoying the fun BBQ atmosphere,
We were able to indulge ourselves in luxurious fine dining while also enjoying the fun BBQ atmosphere’s camping is known for! There was really nothing left to want for.

 kiyosato glamping 2019-08
▲ At the front desk of the glamping site beer and other alcohol is sold. So feel free to grab some alcohol and enjoy yourselves to the fullest while enjoying your nice BBQ experience.
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▲ One of the many pride and glories of Yatsugatake-Nanroku is the fact that has the sunniest and clearest weather in all of Japan. The air is clear and as a star viewing spot it is one of the best. And on clear weather days you can see an endless amount of stars over the fast night sky.
kiyosato glamping 2019-12 
▲With full stomachs, it’s time to sleep. The beds are big enough to sleep comfortably in while enjoying the sounds of nature, from the wind and rain the sweet calls of animals and bugs as well as the gentle scent of nature.  In a comfy bed, lulled as well by the sweetness of nature we all slept well that night.
kiyosato glamping 2019-20 
▲ In the morning we woke by the sweet tune of chirping birds.

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▲ For breakfast we dined at a restaurant connected to the Kiyosato golf course, about a 5 minute walk from glamping site.

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▲ They had both western and Japanese set meals to choose from!
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▲ There was also a drink bar that offered both coffee and soft drinks.
Additionally they had some rather unique drinks made by using vinegar from certain fruits as well.

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▲Kiyosato Okanokoen glampers also have the opportunity to explore a large variety of other things while staying at their glamping sites.
- Mini-golf
- Tennis
- Golf range
- Dog run
- Hot Springs
- Pool
All for FREE!

kiyosato glamping 2019-23 kiyosato glamping 2019-24 
▲ About a 10 minute drive from Okanokoen is Restaurant Makiba where you can receive a 20% discount and enjoy free Ice Cream!

All of these wonderful benefits and things you can enjoy are valid from the moment you check in until 11:59pm on the day you check out so feel free to enjoy the facilities all day long!
Even if you don’t have a single piece of camping equipment, if you head over to Kiyosato you can spend the whole day enjoying the beauty of nature, fun activities for both friends and family and much more!
For your next trip to Kiyosato, we invite you to experience a lodging experience different from your normal hotels and pensions. Try glamping! It’s an experience you’ll definitely enjoy!

「Kiyosato Okanokoen」

3545-5 Takanecho Kiyosato, Hokuto, Yamanashi 〒407-0301
・Kiyosato Golf Course  TEL:0551-48-3456
・Aqua Resort Kiyosato(Natural Hot Spring Tennyou/Heated Pool)TEL:0551-48-5551
・Auto Camp and BBQ Sites(Glamping) TEL:0551-48-2300
・Mini-golf・Golfing range・Dog Run・Tennis TEL:0551-48-3411
<info.> External link )


 JR Koume line・10 mins from Kiyosato sta. by Picnic Bus External link )

「Restaurant Makiba」


8240-1 Nishiide, Oizumi town, Hokuto City, Yamanshi 〒409-1501


<info> External link )
 JR Koume line・10 mins from Kiyosato sta. by Picnic Bus
About a 10 minute car drive from Kiyosato Okanokoen 

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  • August 23, 2019


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