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A spot that has certainly become talk of the town in Kiyosato, is definitely Kiyosato Terrace.
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▲ Elevated at to a height of 1900m above ground level, you stretch your limbs out on a comfy sofa and experience the entirety of Kiyosato in panoramic view.
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▲ Sun Meadows Kiyosato is actually a ski slope area in the winter time and the Kiyosato terrace is very close to the top of where the slopes are in winter.
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▲ Hop on the panorama lift from the foot of the Mountain and take the scenic 10 minute ride upwards. While experiencing the beauty of the vast sea of green and the superb landscape beyond it you’ll arrive to the mountain top in no time. 
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▲ Right when you hop off the lift there is a place so big it looks like three people could lay down and spread out comfortably on it.
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▲ From these sofa’s you can look out and cast your eyes upon the entirety of Kiyosato. And on sunny days you can even see Mt.Fuji. And on absolutely perfect days, you can even look down upon the clouds. This is surely what it feels like to be looking down from the heavens!
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▲ Lazily relating on the sofa’s time really does escape you.
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▲ Kiyosato Terrace is a very popular spot, so when crowded a time limit of 30 minutes is imposed. There is an hourglass besides the sofa so don’t forget to flip it when you grab your seat!

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▲ It is truly an extraordinary environment where you can fully take in and enjoy the nature spread out before you.

If you are ever in Kiyosato, for a truly picturesque view don’t forget to stop by the Kiyosato Terrace!


Operating Period:06/01/19(SAT.)~11/10 (SUN.)
※Reserved Seats「Premium Seat」Operating Period 7/6(SAT.)~10/27(SUN)
HOURS:7/6~10/27 9:20~16:30
     10/28~11/10 9:30~16:00 External link ) External link )

・TIME&DATES:7/6~10/27 9:20~16:30(Last entry 16:00)
 10/28~11/10 9:30~16:00(Last entry 15:30)
・One way travel time:~10mins
・PRICING:7/6~11/10 [ Ages 15+上1,600\ Ages 3+ 900\ ]

Kiyosato Terrace is a part of the Sun Meadows Kiyosato facilities.
Besides the ‘Center House’ at the foot of the mountain, is the boarding area for the lift.
Within around 10 minutes the lift will reach the top.

Directions to Sun Meadows Kiyosato
Via Chuo Expressway Nagasaka Interchange about 20mins.
Via JR Koume line Kiyosato sta. 7mins by car
Via JR Koume line Kiyosato sta. 10mins by Kiyosato Picnic bus External link )

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  • August 23, 2019


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