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         For Jazz lovers and vegans and macrobiotic dieters alike, this next cafe just north east of Mt. Fuji is the place for you. Almost two decades ago, Natural Food Café Con Brio was opened as a Jazz Café by the current owner’s late father who had an immense passion for the genre. Just one step into the building and the beautiful interior decorated with pictures of old Jazz Stars tied with the classic black piano in the center and double bass leaned against one of the buildings tall wooden walls is enough to make even the most casual of jazz fans excited.


         In 2004, after his passing the café reopened their doors as a macrobiotic based restaurant but still kept that jazzy inspired interior and even now there are live jazz performances held within their walls sprinkled throughout the year. However, the great music and excellent vibe of the place aren’t the only things that keep the customers coming. It is no exaggeration that their food is quite delicious and the restaurant is even growing popular within the Yamanashi expat community.


         Their dishes are primarily vegan and vegetarian save for a few drinks on their menu and they are also available to offer halal friendly dishes as a good amount of their food uses no alcohol as well. Although one of the few non vegan options on the menu, and is a hold-over from their jazz café days my favorite menu option was their delicious butter scone. However, there are plenty of delicious vegan friendly desserts on the menu. From their black goma and soy milk ice cream to their fig and spice pound cake so I definitely recommend giving one of their desserts (and regular dishes) a try!

         Despite not having a full English menu, the lunch menu portion is bilingual and with gestures and with some rough English the staff is willing to help so don’t be afraid to come on down to Natural Food Café Con Brio today.

Natural Food Café Con Brio

ADDRESS: 〒403-0005  5335-11 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi
CLOSED: SUN, TUE, (2nd and 4th) MON
HOURS: LUNCH 11:00~15:00(L.O)
CAFE: 15:00~17:30 (L.O 17:00)
BUDGET: 1000¥~2000¥
TEL: 0555-22-7676
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  • June 15, 2020


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