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Winter in the Home of Mt. Fuji “YAMANASHI”
WINTER, The best season to see Mt. Fuji

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Mt. Fuji usually is covered with snow from mid-October to June, with its peaks most beautifully covered in snow during the winter season. Winters in Yamanashi are generally quite sunny with low humidity, Mt. Fuji is less likely to be covered by clouds during the day. All these factors combined make winter the best time to see Mt. Fuji.

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“Diamond Fuji”, a Magical Moment
“Diamond Fuji” is a mystical natural phenomenon that appears when the sun is positioned right at the summit of Mt. Fuji. For that brief moment, the sun’s rays gleam like a diamond.

Lake Yamanakako, a Mecca for the Diamond Fuji
Lake Yamanakako is the place from which the Diamond Fuji can be seen the longest. Numerous camera-toting people gather on the lakeshore.

Best in February
The Diamond Fuji is most cleanly visible in February when the sky is clear with few clouds.

Dates and Times
At sunset during the four-month period from mid-October to late February.


Skiing and Skating
You can enjoy winter sports in Yamanashi

Enjoy winter sports such as skiing and skating in the exceptionally scenic Yamanashi area.

Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort

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This location provides an astonishing panoramic view stretching from Mt. Fuji to the Minami Alps. With the outstanding quality of the snow at an altitude of 1,900m makes this ski resort all the more enticing.

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 Fujiten Snow Resort

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Would you like skiing on the foot of Mt. Fuji?
The Fujiten Snow Resort is 12Km from Kawaguchiko interchange. This resort boasts an outstanding location, overlooking the majestic Mt. Fuji. The 4 lifts and 7 courses are rich in variety. The snow park which is equipped with various items is also very popular. At 'Chibikko (kids) Island', which has one of the largest sledging slopes in the Kanto Region, kids can enjoy skiing and playing the snow safely.

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 Fujikyu Highland Crystal Lagoon Rink

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Enjoy skating in an outdoor Ice Skating Rink with a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji right before your eyes.
During the day, skate around while admiring the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji and during the skate under shinning lights during the holiday illuminations.

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  • December 6, 2019


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