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         Our next stop on our Vegan/ Vegetarian and Halal mission was a small restaurant in Nirasaki that looked more like my Grandparents home back in the States. With its name written in both English and Japanese on the outer wall, Ocha no Jikan is a small café style restaurant that can only seat around 10 people at a time. But don’t let its small stature mislead you, this restaurant hosts a sizeable selection of menu options, products to buy on your way home and even an array of vegan and Muslim friendly breads and desserts. Save for the lunch menu, most of the menu is written in both Japanese and English. However, worry not as the café’s bilingual staff can surely assist you.


         Honestly speaking, I don’t have any dietary restrictions. Although I dabbled in pescatarianism for two years during High school, I had never really gone back. And in that time things like Curry and Katsu and other delicious meaty dishes slowly became my favorite. And so, when I noticed option B on the lunch Menu, the Chickpea curry with a salad and mini-soup I thought that I would surely leave unsatisfied with the lack of meat. But I was entirely wrong! The chickpeas offered a hearty dose of both flavor and texture and allowed me to feel filled up quite easily. And with the small side soup that came with it I was entirely blown away (I think I blurted out how delicious it was with every spoon full).


         Although after finishing my lunch I felt quite full, all it took was a glimpse at the sweets menu for me to decide “well, there’s always room for dessert”. There was a delectable array of items available, from some of their delicious vegan bread to a cakes and ice cream, but one thing caught my eye and as an American I just couldn’t miss a chance. And within a few minutes, I found myself munching on some sweet Vegan style apple pie.


And boy was it delicious!

         Although after my delicious meal and desert, I was highly considering going to sleep right then and there—my coworkers who came along had brought my attention to the marvelous looking area right outside the window. A Muslim praying area, paired with a tree swing, a tree house and a table made just for a (not so friendly) round of checkers this little area alone was an oasis of its own. It had been so many years since I played outside, enjoyed the weather and just lost myself in the flow of time. Ocha no Jikan is definitely one of the places on this list that I would love to go back to ( especially since I’ve got a half finished game of chess to win) so I highly recommend checking it out yourself (and don’t forget to rediscover the child in you with their fun outside play area ).



Ocha no Jikan: Time for Tea

ACCESS: Yamanashi, Nirasaki-shi, Anayama-cho 7063-1
HOURS: 11:00~18:00
BUDGET: Approx. 1000¥
TEL: 0551-25-2321

Published on

  • June 15, 2020


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