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Enjoy the pristine beauty of one of Japan’s top 100 remarkable water spots


You may be familiar with the splendid hakushu waters from our previous articles when we explored the area earlier in the year. It is from these same waters that some of the purest sake and whiskey in the nation are born.

Nearly 50 years ago, the Japanese Ministry of Environment designated a list of the nations most remarkable water sources. This list was created to not only inspire a sense of nature conservationism amongst citizens, but also allows travelers a chance to discover some of the ancient and stunning water sources that have supported the nation for thousands of years. And of course, our Yamanashi Prefecture hosts three of these extraordinary sights and of course the Hakushu / Ojiragawa is one of them!



Located about 16 minutes by car off the Sutama Interchange, the Ojiragawa Valley or Ojiragawa Canyon as it is often called, is a large area of forest trails along a beautiful mountain stream. In the area there is also a small temple and a small tourist shop where you can purchase water shoes if you’d like to protect your feet in case of taking a dip, as well as snacks and ice cream. Once you cross over the enchanting draw bridge towards the cascading waters, you will notice plenty of space for various seasonal activities.


  In the hot summer season many people come to this area to enjoy a dip in the cool waters of the cascading waterfalls, while autumn guests may enjoy picnicking under the beautiful fall foliage.


For those who prefer to stay on dry land, the area is also a perfect place for some nice trekking. The promenade around just off the water had many visitors wearing trekking gear or taking power walks with their four-legged friends. Hokuto-city has also posted a trekking course of the Hinatayama Mt. and Ojiragawa river area so feel free to follow it on your journey!



Not too far from the Ojiragawa valley also lies a mountain with one of the most difficult Mountain climbing trails in the nation called the Kuroto trail which leads to the summit of Kai-Komatake Mountain. This trail is known as one of the top 3 most steep mountail trails in Japan with an astounding elevation of 2200 meters! For more information on Mt. Kaikomatake check out [ this ] page.

And of course, trekking and intense mountain climbing aren’t the only things to enjoy in the area. The Ojiragawa Valley is also just a 15-minute drive from the Suntory Hakushu distillery for Whisky lovers and the Shichiken Hakushu Brewery for fans of sake! Check our special feature on these two locations [ here ].

No matter the season Hokuto-city’s Hakushu region is an excellent destination no matter the season!



To see more photos of our teams’ trip to the Ojiragawa Valley, please visit out Instagram page at ‘Welcome to Yamanashi.’

Also for a video on our first trip to the Hakushu area, and many others please visit our YouTube channel [ here ].


Ojiragawa Valley ( 尾白川渓谷 )

〒408-0315 Yamanashi, Hokuto, Hakushu-cho, Shirasu, 8886 

 * It is recommended to travel by car. There is a parking lot with bathrooms that accommodate about 100 cars a little ways walk from the main valley area.

*Please note that when arriving by car there are many unpaved roads.

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  • October 29, 2020


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