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Onsens in Home of Mt. Fuji “YAMANASHI”


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Natural hot springs arising from the scenic environment, ONSEN.

Yamanashi Prefecture is one of Japan’s leading onsen regions, with many areas that have many hot springs in the area known as onsenkyos. The entire prefecture is dotted with distinctive hot spring areas. Wherever you go in Yamanashi, you can enjoy an onsen.
Even within the Onsenkyo’s, visitors can bathe in a variety of different environments from—historical onsenkyos, highland onsens, onsens by lakes and in river gorges, and more.
Another special type of onsen to not be forgotten, are the open-air outdoor baths. The experience of having an outdoor bath while enjoying the view of Mt. Fuji or the night lights of a nearby town is one that you will surely remember forever.

Mt. Fuji and Fuji Five Lakes Area Onsens
Fujikawaguchiko Onsens

How about relaxing in a hot spring while taking in a view of the tallest mountain in Japan? 

You can do just that at Fuji Kawaguchiko, the closest hot spring resort to Mt. Fuji. The calcium and sodium-rich waters here are renowned for their curative effects for nerve and muscle pain, cold sensitivity, fatigue, and other ailments.

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This high-elevation location right on the foothills of Mt. Fuji beside Lake Kawaguchiko.

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Fuji Chobo-no-Yu Yurari

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This day-trip onsen offers views of Mt. Fuji from its outdoor baths, with16 different types of baths to choose from, including a cave bath. Learn more

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Yamanakako Onsen Benifuji-no-Yu

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Enjoy impressive views of Mt. Fuji from the bath. This day-trip onsen has outdoor baths with beautiful scenery like a Japanese garden.

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Fuefuki, Koshu and Yamanashi Area Onsens
Isawa Onsens

The Isawa hot spring flowed forth suddenly from a vineyard in 1961, which explains why it is known as the "Hot Spring of the Vineyard." Isawa Onsen is the largest onsenkyo in Yamanashi with numerous accommodations ranging from hotels to traditional Japanese inns most within walking distance from the station.
Contents: Pure hot spring 113-140o F

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Come Early to Secure a Front-Row Seat at Japan’s Emerging Tourism Hotspots! Samurai Hotels: Team Shingen!

As part of tourism campaign in Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi Prefecture, local hotels are celebrating the 500th birthday of one of the most formidable warlords of Japan’s Warring States period, Takeda Shingen (1521-1573). Learn more ( External link )


Kofu and Shosenkyo Gorge Area Onsens
Yumura Onsens

This Hot Spring resort area at the foot of Mt.Yumura, known as the hidden waters of Lord Shingen is home to a plentiful amount of ryokans and hotels.
Said to have been established by monk Kobo Daishi who is a famous Buddhist priest of the olden days going back 1,200 years ago, and known as the hidden hot spring of Load Shingen Takeda. In the late Edo period, it was depicted by the ukiyoe artist Katsushika Hokusai in ‘Shokeikiran Koshu Yumura’. In the Showa period, writers including Osamu Dazai, Masuji Ibuse and Seicho Matsumoto are known for composing various works while staying here.

Contents: Chlorine 107-125o F

Yumura Onsen — Tokiwa Hotel Garden

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Famed as one of the most beautiful gardens in a Japanese hotel, the Tokiwa hotel has had visitors such as the Emperor and numerous writers gaze upon its beauty from the warmth of their hotel rooms. It is also popular for its detached guest rooms with outdoor baths.

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Nishiyama Onsens

One of the hidden hot springs of Lord Shingen, Nishiyama Hot Spring Resort is located at the foot of the Southern Alps near the origin of the Hayakawa River. Legend says that it was also visited by Ieyasu Tokugawa, a famous Shogun of the 17th Century. Its unspoiled surroundings have made this one of the most popular hot springs in Yamanashi.

Koshu Nishiyama Hot Spring, Keiunkan

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Certified as "the world's oldest hotel" in the Guinness Book of World Records.
With 1300 years of history, the world’s longest-standing hot spring inn

705 A.D, just a few years before Japan’s first coins were minted Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan (Keiunkan for short) opened their doors to the public in exchange for popular bartering items such as rice and arrow heads. And for the following 1,300+ years since then, its doors have remained open, gaining the hotel the Guinness World record of the longest running hotel in the world. Learn more( External link )

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Minami Alps and Fuji-Kawa River Basin Area Onsens
Shimobe Onsens

According to legend, Shimobe Hot Spring offered relief to Shingen after his shoulder was injured in battle. The lukewarm water of this hot spring has a healing effect on fractures and bruises, and many people visit to recuperate from ailments. 

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Hot springs were discovered in this area some 1,200 years ago. The area is home to numerous traditional lodges. It is also famous for its fireflies.
●5─20 min. on foot from Shimobe-onsen Station 
The Oiwa bath at Gensen Hall is one of Japan’s top 100 baths.


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