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Soothe your soul as you float down the river before water gun battling it out with your friends and family.

Just west of Tokyo lies “Omotenashi Yamanashi” one of Japan’s most welcoming regions that has made a name for itself as both Wine Prefecture and Japan’s fruit Kingdom. But one of its most prized possessions is the bountiful nature that spreads throughout the area. According to a 2016 study by the Japan National Tourism Organization, this enchanting prefecture even ranks in the at the top ten most traveled to prefectures in the nation.

One of the top reasons behind this is of course the beautiful Mt. Fuji and its surrounding five lakes. And to get there from Tokyo all you need to do is take the JR Limited Express train from Shinjuku and transfer at Yamanashi’s Otsuki Station to the Fujikyu Railway for Kawaguchiko. However, Otsuki city is definitely not an area I recommend passing up.

In our last Otsuki feature, we introduced a cosplay rental and photography experience operated by Murataya inn. However, as the rainy season comes to an end and the temperature rises what better to do than take a dip in the cool waters of Otsuki’s rivers!



There is something about summers in Japan that can really drain you. Walking through the concrete jungles of the Metropolis, in search of that next patch of shade can feel like an ill-prepared venture through the Sahara. As you continue on this seemingly endless 9-minute journey from point A to point B, sweat slides down your forehead dampening your face mask and your eyes seem to lose that spark they had when you stood in the air-conditioned train just 3 minutes ago. Your mind begins to wander. “Should I stop in a convenience store for some air conditioning? Maybe pretend to buy something for a few minutes.” But if you did, you would be late for work. So you begrudgingly continue on, and on, just hoping that these hot days would soon end.


Just an hour trip away lies the beautiful city of Otsuki. Here you refresh your senses as your escape from the hot city streets and enjoy the cool mountain paths, let the gentle mountain breeze ruffle through your hair and of course, float down the city's beautiful rivers and wash all your tiredness away.

Unlike tubing experiences in America where they often just give you a tube and let you float free, this specific program by Eddy Tubbing Tours provides a more controlled and safer environment that is great for families and first-timers.T1

You can choose between a 9 am and 1 pm start time, and once you meet up with the Eddy staff you can choose your own helmet and life jacket. And also this is the time to you’re your weapon of choice, for your later water gun battle with your friends (this is very important. You do NOT want to be the only one without a water gun).




Once armed and ready, there will be a short drive to the river area. Then you will also receive information from the guides about the general safety, and the area the course for the day. Then the tubing starts!

The exact river and course you will take that day may change depending on the previous day's weather and other factors.

Our particular tour began with a short walk upstream to enjoy an all-natural slide like area. If this is included in your tour I have just one warning: you might want to cover your nose.

After that, we went back to the starting point and began our little tubbing experience. One by one we rode and the tubes from Point A where one staff stood and the drop off point of Point B where another staff was on standby to help you off. This was especially great for me because I always have trouble getting out of the tubes.


We then proceeded down the cool water and did the same at another point. After not too long we tried our hand at another service offered. This was probably one of the most challenging but super fun parts. Essentially one person got into a giant see-through ball (don’t worry it's well ventilated) while a friend grabs the connected rope. Then it’s a battle between you both as one person tries their best not to fall and the other works to ensure it happens (and they said monopoly ruins relationships—just kidding!).



Then soon after the real battle ensued. Water guns splashing everywhere, the summer heat we endured previously a problem of the past it was all just so refreshing. Even the beauty of the great outdoors served to soothe our souls.



On the car ride home, I was reminded of that feeling I had often when I was a kid on my way home from a trip to the shore. Even though my body was steady I could still feel the gentle rocking of the flowing water against my skin. I felt a gentle warmth as I peeked out at the setting sun from the car windows and soon enough, I found myself slipping into a gentle slumber.

This is just an example of how the flow events could work for the tubbing tour in Otsuki but your own tour might be different. Nevertheless, it was a super exciting little event that I think I’ll try to do at least once a year and I certainly invite you to do the same!

As a note: On the day of your trip please bring a bathing suit, towel, a change of clothes, and water shoes as stepping on the rocks can be quite painful (nothing open-toed).

To see more photos of our team's tubing experience, please visit our Instagram page Welcome to Yamanashi.

And for fun sneak peek of our day out tubing, and many places we’ve introduced visit our Youtube channel [ here ].


7,500¥ per person for 3hrs

Information and reservations here:





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  • September 18, 2020


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