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2 Days Mt. Shichimen Tour & Stay at a 180 year-old Inn, Osakaya

shichimensan tour 2019-01 Mt. Shichimen

shichimensan tour 2019-02  The sunrise

shichimensan tour 2019-03 Osakaya Guest House

         > Date: 7th December ~ 8th December
         >Place to stay: Keishinin shrine at an elevation of 1,720 meters
         >Things to bring: Pajamas, Winter jacket, a water bottle, toiletries and a towel, etc.
         >Price: 9,000yen included accommodation with a dinner and a breakfast, and two lunches and gokaicho fee (exhibition of Buddhist image), but the accommodation charge for Osakaya.
         >language: Japanese
         >Remarks: ・No cancellation for light rain ・Dormitory stay
         >Organizer & Contact: Keishinin shrine
   Day 1
           8:00      The entrance of Mt. Shichimen
          13:30     Arrival at Keishinin shrine
          14:10     Visiting Okunoin shrine
          17:00     Dinner
          17:45     Gokaicho and Evening service
          20:00     Chanting a sutra
          21:30     Light-out

    Day 2
           5:30      Wake-up
           6:00      Morning service
           7:00      Breakfast
           8:00      Descendant of Mt. Shichimen
          12:00     Arrival at the meeting point
          12:15     Lunch at Masudaya inn
          14:30     Break

Accommodation before and after on that day: Osakaya Guest House
Location: 30 min on foot or 5 min by car to get at the meeting place
We are willing to help your expedition in English. Book on Airbnb or Expedia Group.

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  • November 8, 2019


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