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Located at the foot of Mount Fuji, Oshino Hakai village is home to the exciting ninja themed complex “Oshino Shinobi no Sato” and on sunny days you can even enjoy a beautiful view of Mount Fuji!
The space has a beautiful and large traditional Japanese garden and puts on incredible ninja performances. The presentation is top notch and contain demonstrations of ninja fighting techniques with a dose of humour, thus being an attraction suitable for all ages and much enjoyed by foreign visitors.
▲ The souvenir shop is right at the entrance. There you can rent a ninja costume to enjoy the village while dressed up!

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▲ There is a variety of colours and sizes to suit all ages. For 500¥/person you can wear the costume all day long.

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▲When visiting the park, don’t forget to watch the ninja show!

The show contains fights full of stunts using ninja weapons like shuriken, ropes, and different sizes and types of sword. Highly trained actors give real demonstrations of the lethal power of samurai weapons and explain how they were used in combat. During our visit, an actor demonstrated for us how a shuriken was used by ninjas - each shuriken has the same weight as a smartphone, so it would be very difficult to throw multiple shuriken at the same time as shown in popular culture. Some explanations are also made in English so non-Japanese speakers in the audience can understand and enjoy the performance. Although the performance is mainly meant to be a form of entertainment, it is very informative and viewers can learn deeply about the history, culture and true facts behind Japan’s infamous Ninja’s.
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▲ Performance actors can be found walking around the village, always receptive and ready to pose for pictures!
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▲ Images of the Japanese garden on the village grounds.
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▲ You can test your shuriken skills out with some plastic replicas!
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▲ For the protection of the village, there is a tower with a guardhouse. At the top of the building is a panel with examples of ninja combat techniques. Following the instructions, you will feel like a real ninja guarding the village.  

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▲ At Karakuri House you can unravel by yourself the tricks and secrets behind the ninja hideout to find the way out of this ninja-themed maze.

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▲ In total, there are 12 different activities in the village related to the skills developed by a ninja. The village is well rated by foreign tourists in general, and on the same day we visited a group of Chinese students were enjoying themselves on a fieldtrip with us. Accoring to their group and ours, we can say that it truly is must-see attraction for all ages! Come on down and enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about Ninja history in a fun and relaxed way.

Oshino Shinobi no Sato (Ninja Village)

Yamanashi-ken, Minami tsurugun Oshinomura Shibokusa 2845 
Zipcode 401-0511 Phone : 0555-84-1122

(Tickets includes access for all attractions)
1,800¥- Regular (Junior High School student and above)    
1,300¥- Children (4-12 years)      
1,000¥- Children (0-3 years) 
※Ninja Costume rental(optional) 500¥
 ・By bus
  Fujikyu line, departing from Mt. Fuji station bound for Gotemba Station (via Oshino Hakkai), 18 minutes ride until "Oshino Shinobi no Sato" bus stop.

 ・By car



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  • September 10, 2019


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