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Located in the Yatsugatake Nanroku area of Northern Yamanashi, lies the Kiyosato Highlands. With easy access to both Tokyo and Nagoya it is a travel spot growing each day in popularity. It is also known as a highland resort where you can not only view the beauty of the Yatsugatake mountains, but also Mt.Fuji, the Minami Alps range and many more of wonderous Mountain Ranges the area has to offer.
Yatsugatake Nanroku has also been growing increasingly popular as a sports and activities hot spot with things like mountain climbing and trecking, golf and tennis. However not in any way to be neglected is its many museums and art galleries which have helped the area gain recognition of a town filled with art.

Additionally, the area famous as home to a multitude of hot springs, and it’s delicious water. Furthermore, it is known as a production spot for world class level beer, sake, wine, and whisky.

As of now, Yatsugatake Nanroku is celebrated as a charming area worthy enough of the title “number one town in Japan, citizens want to move to”.

And this time we would like to introduce to you some indispensable information for traveling around this wonderful area! 

JR Koumi line – Kiyosato Station

The JR Koumi line that operates through Kiyosato Station operates at the highest altitude of all JR Train lines throughout Japan. In the altitude ranking of JR train stations themselves, Kiyosato Station is listed as number 2 at 1,274m behind Nobeyama Station in Nagano at 1,345m. We invite you to gaze out the windows of the Koume line and take in the beauty of all four seasons on this indescribable ride.
kiyosato transporation 2019 02

FROM TOKYO ( Shinjuku Sta.) approx. 2.5hrs
JR Chuo Line Express Train to Kobuchizawa Sta. (2hrs.) → JR Koume line Kiyosato Sta. (30mins)

FROM NAGOYA (Nagoya Sta.) approx. 3hrs 40mins
JR Chuo Main Line Express Train to Shiojiri Sta. (~2hrs 40mins) → JR Chuo Main Line to Kobuchizawa Sta. (~40 mins) → JR Koume line Kiyosato Sta. (~30mins)

Highway Bus

[ Shinjuku ~ Yatsugatake ] The Highway bus that connects within Kiyosato is extremely convenient!
Cost: 2,520~3,900¥ ( cost varies by day )
 One day use round trip

For more information please visit the Travis Japan Hana bus Tour website below!
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Picnic Bus

Upon arrival at Kiyosato Station, the best and most convenient option for travel within Kiyosato is the Picnic Bus!
kiyosato transporation 2019 01 
▲You can travel around the most popular tourist destinations in Kiyosato on this bus!
  The bus stop for the picnic bus is right in front of Kiyosato train station.

kiyosato transportation 2019 03
▲Kiyosato Picnic Bus has days where either one bus or two busses are in operation. Above is the timetable for days where only one bus is in operation. 

kiyosato transportation 2019 04
▲ This is the schedule for when two buses are in operation. 2 bus days are limited to major holidays and summer vacation.

                                          ADULT                CHILD
ONE-DAY PASS               1,000 ¥                  500 ¥
SINGLE USE TICKET        500 ¥                    250 ¥
TWO-DAY PASS              1,500 ¥                   750 ¥

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Rental Bikes

Kiyosato does have many slopes, however you can also easily travel around with a the use of an electric powered bicycle. Bikes ma be rented and returned to at the Kiyosato Ekimae General Tourist Information Center “Aozora”.

Kiyosato Ekimae General Tourist Information Center “Aozora”
TEL: 0551-48-2200
RENTAL PERIOD:Mid-April to Mid-December
3hrs  1,700 ¥
5hrs  1,900 ¥
1day  2,200 ¥

Bikes can also be reserved online so for more information please visit the site below.
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Rental Car

About a 7 minute walk from Kiyosato Train Station is the NicoNico Rental Car Kiyosato Shop. S Class vehicles can be borrowed for 12 hours at the reasonable price of 2525¥.
For more information please check out their website link below.

NicoNico Rental Car Kiyosato Shop
Yamanshi Prefecture, Hokuto City, Takane, Kiyosato 3545
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  • August 23, 2019


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