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          Vegan Masala Café Veggie-ya is in some ways, a bit different from your average Indian curry place. After living in India and experiencing the simple yet delicious spice of Indian home cooking, owner Yuki Takagi returned to Japan with a desire to recreate that same taste. Thus Veggie-ya was born. Rather than the average curry dishes that can be found abundantly scattered throughout Yamanashi Prefecture and Japan, they offer a simple taste that would be hard to find almost anywhere else outside of India. 
          When asked about her own history with Vegan / Vegetarian food Yuki had mentioned that her number one influence was a television character that I as an American was quite familiar with: Lisa Simpson. For those who are familiar with the American cartoon it is well-known that Lisa’s character was an intelligent young girl who has many social justice issues that she was passionate about. The issue of animal rights was what turned her Vegan. Although I personally have not seen the episode, to Yuki it was one of the most inspiring things she had seen in her life. And from that day forward, she switched to a vegan diet.


          However, surprisingly enough most visitors to her restaurant are not vegans or Indian residents wanting a taste of home but rather locals with a desire for a simple, spicy and healthy meal. In fact, Veggie-ya has made it their goal to use only the most organic and natural ingredients possible, while also supporting the local community. Thus, most of their vegetables are taken from the Enzan area and provided by farmers that they feel they can truly trust to give the best and most delicious food.

          Although the restaurant focuses more on Vegan dishes, most foods are halal as well save for a selection of the desserts that use rum. Also, after spending a decent amount of time in India Yuki boasts a rather fluent level of English while the restaurant even has an English menu. Located about a 15-minute walk from the Isawa Onsen train station, Vegan Masala Café Veggie-ya offers a unique flavor that is not to be missed. Stop by today!

Vegan Masala Café: Veggie-ya

ACCESS: 〒406-0022 Yamanashi Prefecture, Fuefuki-shi, Isawa-cho, Yamazaki 118-1
(15 min walk from JR Isawa-Onsen )
Summer break: Aug-Sept.
HOURS: 12-5pm
TEL: 055-263-4888
URL: External link )

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  • June 15, 2020


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