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Experience the great outdoors of Hakushu

Time and time again we have covered the pristine waters of the Hakushu region: from the sake and whiskey that was made possible only here, to the trekking and nature walks at Ojiragawa. Today we will introduce one more spot with fun for the whole family! Hakushu and Ojira Forest Famous Water Park, Verga!



Verga, short for Verdant Garden is a park like facility located in Yamanashi’s northern Hokuto city. Within its facilities you can enjoy (list of things from website) as well as various activities such as making your very own smoked hors d'oeuvres or even Baumkuchen!



About a five-minute walk from the main facilities and pass some very inviting hammocks, we made it down to the water park area. As we were still in the throws of a very intense heat wave there were many families enjoying the soothing water and even the little water slide built by the Verga Staff. You could see on the faces of everyone there that this was truly a wonderful place to experience the great outdoors of Hakushu.



But of course the fun doesn’t end there. Verga has many facilities, a restaurant, BBQ area, overnight cottages, camping grounds, various experiences like the Baumkuchen making and much more!




After our long day of Hakushu fun, we decided to head to one of my favorite places in the world. The Onsen! And lucky enough for us, Verga even has a facility for that: Ojira-no-yu.

Ojira-no-yu is located a brief drive away from the main Verga facilities and even offers special pricing for Hokuto-city residents!

 All in all it was a great trip and I can’t recommend it enough for your next trip through Hokuto!



And for a behind the scenes video of our cosplay experience, and many others please visit our Youtube channel [ here ].



Baumkuchen making experience – 1,800¥ (feeds four)

Cardboard box smoked food experience – 2,500¥ (includes smoking set and ingredients)



〒408-0315 Yamanashi, Hokuto, Hakushu-cho, Shirasu, 8056

20-minute drive from Kobuchisawa Sta. 

*For more information on booking directions and much more, please visit their home page at External link )


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  • October 29, 2020


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