Lake Otomeko

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Lake Otomeko is situated 1,500 meters above sea level and is fed by the Koto River. The roughly heart-shaped artificial lake was created as part of the Kotogawa Dam project, completed in 2008. Gazing out over the lake’s placid, 10 square-kilometer surface from this site is a pleasure, but do take the time to explore its surrounding plateau. Rich in unspoiled nature, it is likened by some to the Swiss countryside, and in one spot even said to possess magical powers. The lake takes its name (literally “Maiden lake”) from the nearby Otome Kogen (Otome Plateau).

A walking path alternates between following the lake shore and passing through the unspoiled, 1,700-meter high Otome Kogen, where flowers bloom from spring to fall and birds such as woodpeckers and thrushes flit about. Mount Fuji often appears in the background. The plateau lends itself well to trekking and camping, and has also become a popular spot for therapeutic “forest bathing.”

On the lake’s eastern shore is Kinpu Jinja, an atmospheric Shinto shrine where saying a prayer is said to bring good fortune in matters of finance.


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