Mount Daibosatsu

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The 2,057-meter Mount Daibosatsu is located in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, a vast nature preserve on the border between Yamanashi, Nagano, Saitama, and Tokyo. The mountain is one of the “100 Famous Mountains” of Japan and is known for its untouched natural beauty.

Popular with hikers, the mountain has multiple trails to the peak suitable for people of all skill levels, including one from the city of Koshu. Hiking to the summit and back typically takes a day, but there are many campsites and lodges on the mountain, allowing for multi-day walks. The Mt. Daibosatsu area also has two natural hot springs, Daibosatsu no Yu and Yamato Tenmokusan Onsen, with water that is high in alkaline content and hydrogen ions, giving it a silky smooth texture.

The terrain on Mt. Daibosatsu is varied, from dense forest to rushing rivers and rolling green plateaus, which is perfect for the mountain’s many subalpine plants. It is also home to the Daibosatsu Pass, an important crossing between Tokyo and Yamanashi during the Edo period (1603-1868). Today, the pass separates the city of Koshu from the forest village of Kosuge. The view from the ridge between Daibosatsu Pass and Kaminariiwa is especially good, and the view of Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps is stunning throughout the year. Mt. Daibosatsu is also a famous spot for autumn leaves, and the best time to see them is from the middle to the end of October. Whether hiking, walking, or enjoying the hot springs, the mountain will give you a new perspective on Yamanashi.


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