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update: July 31, 2019


Mt.FUJI as seen from KUROTAKE.Yamanashi Prefecture is packed with scenery and unusual landscapes as well as the top two highest mountains in Japan, forests extending around the mountain bases, sparkling rivers and streams flowing there and a snapshot of people's daily lives from yesteryear right up to now.
Yamanashi has all your sought-after images and we strongly hope you will utilize multiple locations in the prefecture when making your film.

Yamanashi Prefecture has various advantages in terms of transportation, weather and natural scenery for on-location shooting, allowing you the best possible chance to enjoy excellent filming conditions in this prefecture.


Access:Easy access to Yamanashi from the Tokyo

Yamanashi (Kofu City) is a mere ninety minutes' drive from Tokyo (Shinjuku-ku), helping conserve valuable filming time that would otherwise be wasted on longer journeys. Yamanashi is thus the ideal shooting location for any national or international filmmakers.

Easy access to Yamanashi from the Tokyo


Weather:Yamanashi Prefecture has as many hours of sunlight annually as any other area in Japan.

Yamanashi is known as a sunny region, something only an inland prefecture could boast! In fact, this prefecture has the most hours of sunlight per year in Japan. This means that you can concentrate entirely on your production rather than worrying about the weather.

Yamanashi Prefecture has as many hours of sunlight annually as any other area in Japan.


Natural scenery:The surrounding nature here changes in perpetuity with the four seasons.

We enjoy the largest number of scenic mountain beauty spots in Japan,including most famously Mount Fuji. Peach fields blanketing the Kofu basin in pink and vineyards stretching to the mountain bases are also scenes only to be found in Yamanashi. With such flourishes of colorful inspiration, Mother Nature is a fantastic supporting player; adding a special touch to your Yamanashi filmmaking.

Organization and Operational Flow

The "YAMANASHI, Home of Mt. FUJI" Film Commission provides you with all kinds of support to facilitate your filming in Yamanashi.

The "YAMANASHI, Home of Mt. FUJI" Film Commission acts as a coordinator between filmmakers and local parties receiving the location units, such as administrative bodies, companies, institutions or facilities. We are more than willing to support and assist you, by making arrangement and providing you with a suitable filming environment to ensure smooth and efficient film production as well as also assisting you with guiding and arranging permission for filming use, coordination with local residents, and location introductions.

Yamanashi Film Commission Organization and Operational Flow

 The method of use

Inquiries or requests for information or support for any filming or videowork are welcome at any time by fax or e-mail.

Support request


Yamanashi Prefectual Office Annex 2nd Floor,1-6-1 Marunouchi, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, JAPAN,  〒400-0031
TEL.+81-55-231-5542  FAX.+81-55-221-3040