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Robata ryori Sanrokuen (Fireside cuisine)

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Just 15 minutes walking from Kawaguchiko Station. This is the fireside cuisine restaurant which is the most popular among foreigners. There are five courses such as ‘Hida’, ‘Koshu’, ‘Sanroku’, ‘Shingen’, and ‘Fuji’. Ingredients are rainbow trout, squid, duck meat, wild pig, and Koshu beef. Tofu, cob corn, shitake, and green onion are skewered and you can bake them at the fireplace. At the end of your meal, you will enjoy Hoto which is being simmered in the pot on the fireside. The stately building of old folk house was reconstructed in this location, which used to be the palatial residence of a veteran in Hida and now is 150 years old. Zelkova wood is used for many part of this house, and older people say it is nostalgic, and young people say it is new style. The inside of the restaurant is smoked by the cooking at the fireplace and is gleaming black. The antique items and the articles of old life which are placed everywhere, direct the atmosphere as if they stop the passage of time.

The big room (10ken×4ken 1ken=1.818m) is equipped and the whole capacity of the restaurant is 180 guests. It is used for Wedding ceremony and event sometime.

All courses finish with Houtou pot.

The weight of aged columns and beams make us forget the times.

Homemade udon noodle scoop.

A photo of the house standing in Hida before it was transferred here.

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    Surround the hearth to cook and eat rainbow trout, chicken, corns on a cob, and other delicacies.
    Houtou pot with pumpkin soup is included.
    2,100 yen



    Rainbow trout as a main entree comes with Houtou pot set, basic Hida set of chicken and a choice of quail or calamari, accompanied by skewered scallops and a pork slice roll.
    2,625 yen



    Rainbow trout that comes with Houtou pot set, whole shrimp, duck, and items of Koshu, such as pork slice roll and skewered scallops.
    3,150 yen



    A luxurious set of Iwana mountain trout as a main entree, and whole shrimp, duck, quail or calamari, scallops in shells, and Koshu beef!!
    3,675 yen



    The highest ranking luxurious set in Sanrokuen includes whole set of Shingen, and skewered green onions and boar-pig hybrid!! A sure pleasure for visitors from overseas to enjoy the delicacies from every corner of Yamanashi.
    4,200 yen





3370-1 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko-machi Minamitsuru-gun


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC

Nearest station

Fujikyuko Line, Kawaguchiko Station

Nearest highway bus stop

Kawaguchiko eki (Station)

Transportation details

5 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC by car/ 15 minutes walking from Kawaguchiko Station





Free Parking


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Robata-ryori Sanrokuen

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Opening Hours

11:00am-Last Call 7:30 pm (the restaurant is closed at 9:00pm)

Closing Days

Thursday ( Except Holiday), 12/25-1/1

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