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Cafe Gekko

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Gekkoji street is filled with the nostalgic atmosphere. Cafe Gekko blends into the street. The old folk house of the end of Taisho period was moved here from Gifu prefecture in the early Showa period, which is nostalgic, nice space.
The second floor is tatami mat room and the ceiling is Funazoko ceiling (The central line is high-ceiling, and both sides are low ceiling, which is like the reversed bottom of a ship). You will feel comfortable as if you visit your friend’s home. If the weather is nice, you will view Mt.Fuji from the second floor. In the great space, you can have nice coffee and cake. All coffee is made from organic beans and the water is the spring water of Mt.Fuji which is drawn every morning. Homemade sweets using seasonal fruit and vegetable are provided. Your mind and body will be delighted if you eat the sweets making best use of the flavor of the ingredient. Next to the showcase in which cakes are lining up on the first floor, natural cosmetics the owner recommends and handmade bags of the mother of the owner are on sale. Take a look at these articles too.





318 Shimoyoshida Fujiyoshida City


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC

Nearest station

Fujikyuko Line,Gekkoji Station

Nearest highway bus stop

Chuo Expressway, Shimoyoshida

Nearest bus stop

Asumi-iriguchi (City bus)

Transportation details

7 minutes from Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC by car
/7 minutes walking from Fujikyuko Line,Gekkoji Station



City parking lot is nearby.(Paid)


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Cafe Gekko

Telephone number


Fax number


Opening Hours

12:00pm-7:30pm (Sunday closing at 6:30)

Closing Days

Wednesdays and the second Tuesday of month.


View of Mt. Fuji 

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