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Minami Alps National Park

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Minami Alps National Park, extending across Yamanashi, Nagano and Shizuoka, is one of the major mountain parks in Japan. Shirane-Sanzan, Hooh-Sanzan, Senjogatake and Kai-Komagatake--all with peaks of over 9,842 ft--entice many mountain enthusiasts to test their skills. Mt. Kitadake, at 10,492 ft, stands second highest only to Mt. Fuji. The magnetism of its dense forests and graceful beauty, all the more beautiful thanks to its sheer size, is irresistible to many a climber. Compared to the Kita (Northern) Alps, the Minami Alps are massive and wide. This ideal environment for alpine plants ensures a wealth of beech, hemlock and fir forests, which provide a beautiful setting for climbers. This area is also a special animal habitat. Ptarmigan, a bird whose feather color changes with the season, is protected as a national rare species. The plentiful water resources originating in the Minami Alps--such as the Fuji, Oi, and Tenryu rivers--give life to the industries of central Yamanashi.