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Cherry-picking season is underway! 

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In Yamanashi, fruits made up over half of the prefecture's gross agricultural production. Fruit-picking season in Yamanashi begins with cherries. These high-quality fruits ripen like red jewels at the beginning of summer, and hands-on cherry-picking for tourists is one of the most popular activities. Cherries grow in cold areas, and Yamanashi is said to be the southern limit for cherry cultivation in Japan.

Cherry-picking information in Yamanashi

  • Minami Alps City (early May ~ late June) Minami Alps Tourism Association 055-284-4204
  • Koshu City (late May ~ late June) Koshu Tourism Exchange Division 0553-32-2111
  • Yamanashi City (late May ~ late June) Yamanashi Tourism Division 0553-22-1111
  • Kai City (early June ~ mid-June) JA Rihoku Futaba Branch  0551-28-6111
  • Nirasaki City (early June ~ late June) JA Rihoku Hosaka Branch 0551-22-2151
  • Hokuto City (early June ~ late July) JA Rihoku Takane Branch 0551-47-3011/ JA Rihoku Akeno Branch 0551-25-2035
  • Kawaguchiko Town (mid-June ~ early July) Fujikawaguchiko Agriculture & Forestry Division 0555-72-1115


Fruit in Yamanashi (Japanese):

Fruit-picking season in Yamanashi (English):


(All-you-can-eat Cherry Picking)