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11th Hina Dolls Exhibition and Peach Blossom Festival at Enza, Koshu City (Feb.11~Apr.18)

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11th Hina Dolls Exhibition and Peach Blossom Festival at Enza, Koshu City


March 3 is the Japanese Doll Festival/Girl’s Day in Japan. It is a tradition to place a set of ornamental dolls on platforms covered with a red carpet to pray for young girl’s health and happiness. From February 11 to April 18, there will be hina doll exhibitions at a few places in Enzan, Koshu City to celebrate the Japanese Doll Festival. At one of the main event sites, Kanzoyashiki, hina dolls from Meiji Period to Showa Period and hanging decoration will be displayed.

Enzan is also known as one of the best places in Yamanashi to enjoy viewing peach blossom which starts from the beginning of April to the middle of April. The droopy-branch cherry tree at Jiun Temple is definitely another viewpoint in Enzan’s spring!  

Date: February 11~April 18


Main Event Sites

Important Cultural properties: Kanzoyashiki

Address: Kamiozo 1651, Enzan, Yamanashi, Tel: 0553-33-5910

Admission: 300 yen (adults) 200 yen(children)

★A hanging decoration for Hina Festival making lesson will be held every Saturday, 10:00~15:00 during the event period.

★Local speciality such as miso, sweet sake, and more will also be selling at the site.  

Takeda Shingen Treasure House

(inside the Erinji Temple Park boundaries)

Admission: 500 yen (adults) 100 yen(children)

Address: 1741,Iwasaki, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu


Admission: 200 yen ( age 20 and order) 100 yen (under age 20)

Co-sponsored exhibition sites

  • Shingenkan (Oyashiki 2311-1,Enzan) Tel.0553-33-3555
  • Daibosatsu no Yu (Kamiodawara 730-1,Enzan) Tel.0553-32-4126
  • Kaiyamato Roadside Station (Hajikano 2248,Yamato-cho) Tel.0553-48-2571
  • Herb Teien- Tabinikki (1736Todoroki, Katsunuma-cho) Tel:0553-44-3715
  • JR Enzan Station
  • JR Katsunuma Budokyo Station