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Compilation of Spring Flower Festivals (March~April~May)

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List of Spring Flower Festivals



Cherry Blossom Season

Estimated first bloom: March 16~17

Estimated full bloom: March 30

For more information on the sakura season all over Japan: External link ) (English)

Flower Blossom Events

 10th Hina Doll and Peach Blossom Festival (Enzan, Koshu City)

hina doll festival enzan
Enjoy a variety of unique hina dolls as well as plum, peach, and cherry blossoms!

For more information, please see link here:

Oboshi Cherry Blossom Festival (Fujikawa Town)



Oboshi Park, located on the top of Mt. Oboshi, is one of the Best 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Japan. In the park, one can enjoy the panoramic views encompassing Mt. Fuji, Kofu Basin, and Mt. Yatsugatake. The entire mountain is dyed in light pink with 2000 cherry blossoms blooming at once. The lighting up of the cherry blossoms at night is another highlight of the festival. Food stands and activities will be set up during the festival. 

Date: Late March ~ Early April
Location: Oboshi Park, 2175 Kajikazawa, Fujikawa-cho (〒400-0601 富士川町鰍沢2175)

Access: 10-minute drive from JR Kajikazawaguchi Station (JR Minobu Line)

Wanizuka Cherry Tree Lightup (Nirasaki City)



Legend has that the 320-year-old Wanizuka cherry tree grows upon a mound containing remains of the legendary prince Yamato Takeru. The tree is beautifully set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the clear sky. The highlight is the light-up of the tree at night from early to mid-April.

Date: April 4th ~ April 14th (tentative)
Location: 624 Kitamiya, Kamiyama-cho, Nirasaki City(韮崎市神山町北宮地624)
Access: 10-minute car ride from JR Nirasaki Station

Shidare-zakura Cherry Blossoms (Minobu Town)



Shidare-zakura is famous for its drooping, curtain-like waves of cherry blossoms that drape near to the ground. The shidare-zakura cherry blossoms in Minobu bloom against the backdrop of Kuonji Temple and other nearby areas at Mt. Minobu.

Date: Late March ~ Early April
Place: Kuonji Temple and nearby areas, Minobu Town
Access: 15-minute bus ride from JR Minobu Station

Jindai-zakura Festival (Nirasaki City)


The Jindai-zakura cherry blossom tree is known as one of the Three Large Cherry Trees in Japan, being approximately 2000 years old. Around the Jindai-zakura tree there will be many other cherry blossom trees, thousands of daffodils, and food stands and stalls.

Date: April 1st ~ April 25th
Location: Jissoji Temple, Nirasaki City (北杜市武川町山高2763)
Access: Get off at JR Nirasaki Station and take the Seiryu/Kai-Komagatake bus (30 minutes, runs until April 21st)

Fuefuki Peach Blossom Festival (Fuefuki City)



In spring, peach blossoms bloom everywhere in Fuefuki City, wrapping the entire city in a blanket of vivid pink - a view that can not be found anywhere else. During the festival, peach blossom viewing spots will be set up in Kai-Ichinomiya Kokubunji Temple. Various events - marathon race, peach blossom light-up event, peach blossom viewing course, the Reenactment of the Battles of the  Kawanakajima, etc - will be held throughout the city.

Date: April 1st ~ April 24th
Place: various locations in Fuefuki City
Access: 5~20-minute drive from Isawa Onsen Station (depending on the location)

Shimpu Peach Blossom Viewing Festival (Nirasaki City)



Shimpu Peach Blossom Paradise is one of the most special peach blossom spots in Yamanashi. The beautiful pink peach blossoms with magnificent Mt. Yatsugatake in the back drop is simply a view that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. During the Peach Blossom Viewing Festival, local specialties and fun events will be held.

Date: Sunday, April 14th
Location: Nakajo, Nakada-machi, Nirasaki City (韮崎市中田町中條)
Access: A 10-minute walk from JR Shimpu Station

Fuji-kawaguchiko Cherry Blossom Festival (Fuji-kawaguchiko Town)


Around 300 cherry blossom trees frame Lake Kawaguchiko, making the trail around the lake an ideal spot to walk around and view the cherry blossoms with Mt. Fuji in the background. The cherry blossom trail around the lake also has statues of the Seven Lucky Gods.

Date: April 19th ~ 29th
Location: Walking trail near Kawaguchiko Amphi Hall, Fuji-kawaguchiko Town
Access: Train then bus → Get off at Kawaguchiko Station on the Fuji Kyuko Line and take a Retro Bus heading towards Lake Kawaguchiko and get off at the Saru Mawashi Gekijo stop (25 min).

 Fuji Shiba-zakura Festival (Fuji-kawaguchiko Town)


Over 80,000 shiba-zakura blooms! At a large pond near Lake Motosuko, a park is brimming with shiba-zakura blossoms. A rich array of pink, reddish, purple, and white blossoms are held against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji. There is also a Fuji Yummy Foods Festival held at the same time, where you can taste great local food such as Yoshida Udon, Fujimiya Soba and much more!   

Location: Fuji Motosuko Resort (Motosu 212, Fuji-kawaguchiko Town, Minami Tsuru County)

Date: April 13th (Sat.) ~ June 2nd (Sun)

        8:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM

Admission fee: Adults (middle school and above): 500 yen

                      Children: 300 yen (infants free)

Access: Train/bus: Take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki Station, transfer to the Fuji Kyuko Line and get off at Kawaguchiko Station. Take the special Shiba-zakura Liner Shuttle Bus to the festival. (You will receive a free gift when you use the shuttle bus!)

Car: Take the Kawaguchiko I.C. from Chuo Expressway, then take Route 139   

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