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Noboru Noboru FUJISAN~A new internet service to order your certificate for climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji.

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In order to enhance the quality of service, Yamanashi Tourism Organization has just started a new internet service for visitors to order their certificates for climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji. There are two types of certificate available to order at Noboru Noboru FUJISAN.  

  • 1.Certificate for Summit of Mt. Fuji. ( Application fee: 1050yen + shipping fee)
  • 2.Certificate for Climbing Mt. Fuji. (Free, available to download the certificate file on the website and directly share it to your facebook or twitter)

To apply, please visit the Noboru Noboru FUJISAN website:
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    ※The English order form page for Certificate for Climbing Mt. Fuji is currently under construction. It will be available soon. 

    ※Certificate for climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji will only are no longger able by email is no longer available. 

    ※During the period from June 15 to September 30, the certificate order service is also available at Mt. Fuji 5th Station Administration Center.

     Mt. Fuji 5th Station Administration Center

    Office hour: 9:0016:00