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Autumn Yamanashi, as introduced by Hello KittyAutumn Yamanashi, as introduced by Hello Kitty

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Yamanashi is surrounded by majestic mountains, and blessed with amazing natural scenery and spectacularly beautiful autumn leaves. It has an abundance of excellent locations where visitors can enjoy the autumn season: places to eat, places to play, and places to gaze out at perfectly clear autumn skies! How about having a fun time in Yamanashi this autumn?

Autumn leaves

In autumn in Yamanashi, the surrounding mountains change to vivid colors, and there is beautiful, entrancing scenery throughout the region. There are also many festivals and events for enjoying autumn leaves!
How about making some wonderful memories during the autumn season in Yamanashi, where the autumn leaves are beautiful?

Autumn leaves are so gorgeous!I can’t wait to see them illuminated at night.♪

Yuyake no Nagisa Autumn Leaves Festival, Yamanakako Lake (Yamanakako Village)

Each year, the Yuyake no Nagisa Autumn Leaves Festival is held at Asahigaoka Kohan Ryokuchi Park, where the Maple leaves turn a bright red during the autumn season. There is a 600-meter long corridor of autumn foliage, which looks otherworldly when lit up at night. The park has a promenade and provides tables and benches, so is great for taking a stroll while viewing autumn leaves.

  • Dates of event : October 23 ~ November 8, 2015
  • Location : Asahigaoka Kohan Ryokuchi Park
  • Inquiries : Yamanakako Tourist Association 0555-62-3100

Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival (Fujikawaguchiko Town)

This festival is held on the northern shore of Lake Kawaguchi, which will be brightly colored. The standout feature of the festival is the “Corridor of Maples,” which comforts and relaxes visitors, and puts their heart at ease. The surrounding area is bustling with restaurants, souvenir shops, and craft markets. The leaves are illuminated from sunset at around 4:30 p.m., until 10 p.m. The “Autumn Leaves Tunnel” is a well-known spot for taking photos that is about a 15-minute drive from the festival location, and it is also highly recommended.

  • Dates of event: October 31 ~ November 23, 2015
  • Location: Kawaguchi Nashigawa, on the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko
  • Inquiries: Fujikawaguchiko Town, Tourism Division 0555-72-3168

Lake Inagako Autumn Leaves Festival (Minami-Alps City)

How about comfortably enjoying autumn leaves while listening to music at Lake Inagako, which is located halfway up Mt. Kushigatayama? The “Lake Inagako Autumn Leaves Festival” is held at Lake Inagako at Kenmin no Mori Prefectural Forest in Minami-Alps City, and features outdoor live shows, juggling shows, stamp rallies, a corner for tasting sweets made from locally grown fruit, and much more. A shuttle bus runs between the site and the City Hall.

  • Dates of event: November 7, 2015
  • Location: Lake Inagako, Kenmin no Mori Prefectural Forest
  • Inquiries: Minami-Alps City Hall Tourism, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Division 055-282-6294

Autumn, a time for delicious foods

During autumn, there are many delicious things in Yamanashi, including grapes, wine, and soba noodles!
Local festivals are great places to encounter the exquisite flavors of locally produced foods.
And foods that are in season are exceptionally tasty! Please enjoy autumn, a time for delicious foods, in Yamanashi.

Autumn is a time when foods are especially delicious!The foods sound really tasty!

62nd Koshu City Katsunuma Grape Festival (Koshu City)

Grapes and wines, the locally produced specialties of this city, are offered free of charge. Other outstanding features include a children’s parade with portable shrines, performances on a stage, and a burning of a Shinto shrine archway that lights up the night sky. This grape festival was started in order to express a feeling of gratitude for the harvest, which has remained unchanged since long ago. At this festival, visitors express thanks and joy for the bountiful fruits—the bursting of buds, growth of the plants, and the harvest—as well as convey their hopes for the future.

  • Dates of event: October 3, 2015
  • Location: Katsunuma Chuo Park Plaza
  • Inquiries: Koshu City Katsunuma Grape Festival Executive Committee 0553-32-1000

Paul Rusch Festival ~ Yatsugatake County Fair 2015 (Hokuto City)

County fairs are harvest festivals that have been popular in the United States since long ago. Paul Rusch held a county fair at Yatsugatake, marking the start of this festival. A variety of events take place over two days at a spacious pasture. Persons of various countries visit to have fun at this festival, so there is a very international atmosphere. Please thoroughly enjoy an autumn day at this festival where there is a refreshing highland breeze.

  • Dates of event: October 17 ~ October 18, 2015
  • Location: Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP) Seisenryo Pasture
  • Inquiries: Paul Rusch Festival Executive Committee 0551-48-2626

Hayakawa Autumn Leaves and Soba Noodle Festival (Hayakawa Town)

This soba noodle festival is an event held to round out the year at Hayakawa Town. The main feature of the festival is “soba” buckwheat that has been harvested and eaten at Hayakawa Town since long ago. This is a much-loved flavor that is unique to historic villages. Soba makers gather at this festival, and show off their characteristic soba-making skills that have been handed down from one generation to the next within each region. At this festival, it is possible to taste traditional, local soba that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Dates of event: November 8, 2015
  • Location: Healthy Misato Ground
  • Inquiries: Hayakawa Town Hall Promotion Division 0556-45-2511

Autumn sports

Autumn is a pleasant time when the skies are perfectly clear and the air is refreshing, so it is a great season for enjoying sports.
There are many events in Yamanashi in which it is possible to pleasantly work up a sweat while taking in beautiful scenery, including a trail run and a road biking event! These are great opportunities to meet other people such as event participants and local residents.

Working up a sweat while playing sports is a pleasant experience. ♪

Sixth Fuji Narusawa Autumn Leaves Road Race Competition (Narusawa Village)

Participants run through the beautiful scenery of farm village areas and woodland paths, that is a delight to the eyes, while taking in views of colorful autumn leaves and majestic Mt. Fuji, which has been designated a World Cultural Heritage site. As part of the opening ceremony, visitors can refresh their mind and body with a style of rhythmic calisthenics that is popular among local residents. Free massages are available at the site so runners can receive thorough “after care.” After finishing the race, runners are offered warm soba noodles, a local specialty, free of charge.

  • Dates of event: October 25, 2015
  • Location: Narusawa Village Ikiki Hiroba Plaza
  • Inquiries: Narusawa Village Education Committee 0555-85-2606

Third Tour de Fujikawa (Fujikawa-cho)

This is a road bike event starting at Michinoeki Fujikawa and running about 100 kilometers through the Kyonan area. Rather than racing, the participants aim to reach the finish line in small groups. Replenishment foods and so on are provided, made from locally produced ingredients from the various towns. A 37-kilomter long “Petit Tour de Fujikawa” is held simultaneously for beginners and women! Daisuke Imanaka, who is famous for being the first Japanese person to participate in the Tour de France, will ride along with participants on the course.

  • Dates of event: November 15, 2015
  • Location: Michinoeki Fujikawa
  • Inquiries: NPO Yamanashi Cycle Project 0556-48-8239

Isawa Kasugai Hot Spring Village: trail run and walk featuring views of Mt. Fuji (Fuefuki City)

This is a sports event in which participants can fully enjoy the 100 Famous Mountains of Yamanashi. During this trail run and walk, participants can gaze upon the scenery of Fuefuki City as well as Mt. Fuji and the mountains of the Southern Alps, etc. After enjoying the late autumn scenery colored by beautiful red leaves, visitors can soothe their fatigue by comfortably soaking in hot springs that are a source of pride for Fuefuki City.

  • Dates of event: November 29, 2015
  • Location: Fuefuki City (close to Mt. Daizokyojiyama)
  • Inquiries: Fuefuki City Tourism and Local Products Association 055-261-2829