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Winter Yamanashi, as introduced by Hello KittyWinter Yamanashi, as introduced by Hello Kitty

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Yamanashi has cold weather during the winter, so there are many delicious, fun, and beautiful things to enjoy! The winter air is crisp and clear, so don’t miss the opportunity to fully experience Yamanashi’s winter flavors, fun, and beauty. You’ll definitely want to visit again and again!

Yamanashi has many delicious foods during the winter!

As for the wintertime flavors of Yamanashi, the foods taste even more delicious because it is cold. Japanese sake is refined by cold conditions, and harsh coldness enhances the sweetness of the persimmon. Dishes such as hoto stew warm the body and spirit, and are especially satisfying during the winter! Please stop by Yamanashi to try these delicious foods!

Yamanashi has many delicious foods during the winter!

Hoto (miso vegetable stew)

This is a local specialty of Yamanashi that is particularly highly recommended during the winter. It features an abundance of seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin, mushrooms, and potatoes stewed in a miso broth together with long, wide, flat noodles. It is eaten at households in the area so has the flavor of home cooking. Hoto that has been left to sit overnight and is eaten the next day is especially delicious! It warms the body from the core.

Koro-kaki (dried persimmons)

This is a dried persimmon that is a long-established traditional food of Enzan in Koshu City, and it is famous as a specialty product of the area. Here, the sight of persimmons being hung out to dry in front of homes is a charming feature of the winter season. These persimmons that have been dried in the daytime sun have a rich flavor and refined sweetness, and are packed with nutrients.

Japanese sake (rice wine)

From December through February when there is harsh coldness is the best time for brewing sake. Yamanashi has an abundance of pure spring water, so there are many sake brewers here, and events such as brewery tours and taste testing gatherings are held. Some of the breweries are linked with restaurants. Events related to the “first opening of warehouses after the New Year” in February and March are also popular.

Winter events

Many stars shine in Yamanashi’s wintertime sky, and there are many illumination, fireworks, and other events featuring sparkling lights! Sparkling lights in the crisp, clear air are breathtakingly beautiful, and it is possible to experience a fantastical world!

The wintertime sky is beautiful and dreamy!♪

Yatsugatake Sky Exhibition

Winter at Yatsugatake features crisp, clear air, and there are many things to enjoy during both the day and night! Events and gatherings that are unique to Yatsugatake are held at various locations. Please heartily enjoy the many events here that have an abundance of pavilions for “stars,” “snow,” “lights” and “foods.”

  • Time period of event: December 5, 2015 through March 27, 2016
  • Location: Yatsugatake Tourism Zone (Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture; Fujimi-cho and Hara-mura, Nagano Prefecture)
  • Inquiries: Yatsugatake Tourism Management 0551-48-3457

Niagara & Wave of Light at Lake Kawaguchi

This event features extensive illuminations at Oishi Park located on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi. Against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, the sight of a 280-meter long waterfall of light and sparkling waves are very fantastical! Apparently the waterfall is 3 meters tall at its highest point.

  • Time period of event: December 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016
  • Opening hour: 17:00~20:00
  • Location: Oishi Park at Lake Kawaguchi
  • Inquiries: Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center 0555-76-8230

Winter Fireworks at Lake Kawaguchi

In this event, fireworks are launched into the winter sky. There are three launching points: the main venue Oike Park, a sub-venue at Oike Park Tatamiiwa, and Yagisaki Park. The program is changed slightly each time, so can be enjoyed again and again from any angle along the shore of the lake.

  • Time period of event: Saturdays and Sundays from January 16 through February 21, 2016, and Mt. Fuji Day on February 23
  • Opening hour: 20:00~20:20
  • Main venue: Oike Park at Lake Kawaguchi
  • Inquiries: Fujikawaguchiko Tourism Federation 0555-72-2460

Isawa-Onsen Winter Fireworks Festival at Fuefuki River

This is a winter fireworks event that lights up the nighttime sky of Fuefuki River. Seeing fireworks during the winter when the air is crisp and clear is somewhat different than in the summer, and there is a dream-like atmosphere. During the event, sweet sake and sweet red-bean soup are served, and provide warmth to visitors while they are enjoying the event.

  • Time period of event: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from February 5 through 28, 2016, and February 10 and 11
    *May be canceled due to weather conditions
  • Opening hour: 20:30~20:50
  • Location: Riverbed of Fuefuki River (upstream side of Ukai Bridge)
  • Inquiries: Isawa Onsen Spa Cooperative 055-262-3626

Hot springs

One of the well-known enjoyments of Yamanashi during the winter is hot springs! It is recommended to relax in a hot spring while gazing at the majestic scenery during the daytime or enjoying the sparking stars and night views during the nighttime. A time of supreme bliss awaits.

Relaxing in a hot spring during the winter warms up the body!

Hottarakashi Onsen

There are two large bathing areas here. “Kocchi-no-Yu” is directly facing Mt. Fuji, and it is possible to gaze upon Mt. Kabuto, one of Yamanashi’s famous 100 mountains, to the right. “Acchi-no-Yu” is popular for its grandeur and location that provides a view of the Kofu Basin, which has been certified as having one of Japan’s new top three nighttime views. Visitors can also enjoy fantastical scenery during the sunrise here.

  • Address: 1669-18 Yatsubo, Yamanashi City
  • Telephone number: 0553-23-1526

Kai-Oizumi Onsen Panorama-no-Yu

This hot spring is located on a high plateau and offers beautiful mountain views that are unique Yamanashi: Yatsugatake to the north, the Southern Alps to the west, Mt. Mizugaki to the east, and so on. Within this amazing expansive panorama, Japan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji can be seen in the distance as well.

  • Address: 8240-1 Oizumicho Nishiide, Hokuto City
  • Telephone number: 0551-38-1341

Yamanakako Onsen Benifuji-no-Yu

This is a hot spring at the foot of Mt. Fuji, where the bathing areas offer great views of Mt. Fuji. The outdoor baths are especially popular and make it possible for visitors to gaze upon nearby Mt. Fuji while soaking in a hot spring! The hot spring opens at 6 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays from December through the end of February, so it is possible to see Mt. Fuji colored by the morning glow.

  • Address: 865-776 Yamanaka, Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru-gun
  • Telephone number: 0555-20-2700


This relaxing hot spring boasts a wide panorama view that includes the cityscape of the Kofu Basin below and the row of mountains from the Southern Alps to Okutama beyond. The city lights of the Kofu Basin can be seen at night, so it is possible to spend some time relaxing in a dream-like atmosphere.

  • Address: 2608 Otsuka, Ichikawamisato–cho, Nishiyatsushiro-gun
  • Telephone number: 055-272-2641