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Fruit picking

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Enjoy the nature of Yamanashi to the full, from Mt. Fuji to fruits.

Yamanashi Prefecture is dubbed Japan’s greatest “Kingdom of Fruit” for the year-round production of numerous types of fruit, and for producing the country’s largest volume of grape, peach, and plum. All fruits nurtured by the vast nature of Yamanashi are juicy and delicious, and they come in several varieties, too. The best way to enjoy the season’s best fruit is to pick it yourself. Fruit even tastes better when eaten while admiring the view that changes with each season, such as the magnificent mountains and stunning autumn foliage.

* The beauty of fruit picking is harvesting the season’s best fruit with your own hands and tasting it on the spot. Just picked fruits are exceptionally fresher, sweeter, and more flavorful than those sold in the supermarket.

Grape picking

A diversity of grape varieties
Savor a different one each season

Grapes are one of the very reasons Yamanashi is dubbed the “Kingdom of Fruit.” Japan’s largest producer of grapes also cultivates many varieties that can be enjoyed at different times of the year. The diversity is astounding in both appearance and flavor. The Delaware has small, dark purple berries and a sweet flesh. The Kyoho has large berries with a rich flavor. And the Koshu native to Japan has pink berries and a light flavor. A great way to try them all is to visit Yamanashi several times in different seasons. Enjoy comparing the many flavors, and discover your favorite.

Picking season: Early August–late October

Peach picking

Japan’s top producer, best flavors
Savor freshly picked ripe peaches

Yamanashi is the largest producer of peaches in Japan, and accordingly offers the best flavors, too, with flesh so sweet and juicy that once you start, you can’t stop. Peaches that have ripened on the tree are particularly delicious, and these are a treat reserved only for those who have picked the fruit themselves. The prefecture cultivates many varieties that can be enjoyed at different times of the year. The Hikawa Hakuho is small and sweet. The Hakuho is delightfully juicy. And the Asama Hakuto has a smooth texture. Try them all and discover your favorite.

Picking season:Late June–late August

Cherry picking

Delicately sweet and juicy cherries
Relish the luxury “Jewel of Fruits”

Cherries are an early-summer luxury, and those grown in Japan are so exceptional that they’re known as the “Jewel of Fruits.” The delicate, sweet flavor and marvelously juicy flesh are an unforgettable experience. And the true joy of cherry picking is being able to taste as many of these jewels as you please for a fixed fee. The fun part is climbing the ladders placed throughout the orchard, and looking for the brightest red cherries at the top of the trees. The cherries relished from this spot atop the ladder somehow taste better than any other served on the ground.

Picking season:Early June–early July

Strawberry picking

Strawberry picking standing straight up
Twice as delicious with condensed milk

Bright red strawberries are a treat on their own. But the Japanese way of enjoying freshly picked strawberries is to dip them in the condensed milk handed out at reception. The flavorful berries and the sweet condensed milk blend in the mouth and taste like a specially prepared dessert. And the fresh strawberries are twice as delicious! One other thing unique to Japan is the cultivation technique. The strawberries are grown high above the ground. This way, the fruit is clean and there’s no need to stoop down, so picking it is fun for everyone from children to elders.

Picking season:Early January–mid May

Strawberry picking facilities

Blueberry picking

A juicy treat only for the picker
Delight in the refreshing acidity and unique texture

Ripe blueberries freshly picked and eaten on the spot are incredibly tasty. The exquisitely juicy sweet-sour flavor is a treat reserved only for the picker. Berries that are a dark bluish color all over and that come off the stem easily when pulled are ready to eat. Even a single berry is enough to experience the rich flavor. The Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center offers visitors signing in at reception a convenient shuttle service to the blueberry farm run by local producers. It also serves blueberry soft serve ice cream and conducts blueberry jam-making classes.

Picking season:Early July–mid August

Blueberry picking facilities

Apple picking

Apple cokored a bright re in the tree
Ripe,sweet-sour, and deliciously juicy

Apples colored a bright red on the tree are fully ripe and deliciously juicy. With each bite into the crisp flesh, a sweet-sour flavor spreads throughout the mouth.
Many apples grow on the lower branches of trees, so they are safe for even small children to pick. If the bottom of an apple is yellow, the fruit is ready to eat. Either bite into the apple skin and all, or use the knife available at the orchard to peel the skin, remove the core, and savor the flesh only. The taste is slightly different with the skin on and off. Why not try both?

Picking season:Late October–late November

Apple picking facilities

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