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Yamanashi Area

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Isawa Onsen, Koshu and Winery Area

The Isawa area is located in the east of the Kofu basin and boasts the highest peach and grape production in Japan.

Kofu and Shosenkyo Gorge Area

Kofu is associated with Takeda Shingen, a famous general from the Warring States Period, and Kofu City is the seat of the Yamanashi Prefectural Government.

Yatsugatake Area

The Mt. Yatsugatake mountain range with its main peak Mt. Akadake (2,899m) and the 3,000m Southern Alps with the lofty Mt. Kitadake (3,192.6m) make a magnificent, powerful mountain view.

Minami Alps and Kuonji Temple Area

This mountainous area stretches from the southernmost point of the Kofu Basin in Yamanashi Prefecture to the border with Shizuoka Prefecture, and is surrounded by steep mountains.

Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) and Fujigoko (Fuji Five Lakes) Area

The Fujikawaguchiko area is located on the north side of the sacred Mt. Fuji and is blessed with stunning natural greenery and mountains, and is swathed in woodland, the most well-known being Aokigahara Forest.

Otsuki and Linear Chuo Shinkansen Area

Located in eastern Yamanashi Prefecture, the area is approximately 80km from the center of Tokyo.