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Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archeology

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Area:Kofu/Shosen Gorge

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archeology opened in November 1982 as a center facility of Kai Fudoki-no-Oka /Sonekyuryo Park. The museum shows messages from the ground through archeological specimens, like clay vessels and stone implements, based on the result of the excavation activities in the Yamanashi prefecture. We can follow the lives of ancestors living in the Yamanashi prefecture up to the modern age, through the stone implements in Old Stone Age tens of thousands of years ago, a number of Jomon wares with gorgeous shapes, articles excavated in the mounded tombs around the museum, tools of people living under the regime called Ritsuryo-kokka in the Nara and the Heian Periods, and roof tiles and daily tools used in the Kofu Castle during the Edo Period. Also, the museum offers various interactive exhibitions such as clay vessel production, fire-making, and historic spot tours. On the west side of the museum, there are many ancient, historically important monuments of Kai-koku, such as mounded tombs like Choshizuka, Maruyamazuka, and Kankanzuka, and Uenodaira square tombs surrounded by ditches, all of which are well maintained for visitors. How about going up to the top of the mounded tomb, and getting the feeling of ancient leaders from there, with a panoramic view of Kofu Basin? Our other recommendations include the replica of a pit house (Tateana Jukyo) excavated at Kaneno-o-iseki, the deep bowl shaped clay vessels (important cultural assets) excavated at Tonobayashi-iseki, which had made an overseas journey, and Jomon soybeans clay vessels (important cultural assets) excavated at Sakenomiba-iseki.





923 Shimo-sone-cho, Kofu City


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kofu-Minami IC

Nearest station

JR Chuo Main Line, Kofu Station

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Nearest bus stop


Transportation details

By car: 2 minutes from Kofu-Minami IC, Chuo Expressway.
By bus: 30 minutes by a local bus from Kofu Station, JR Chuo Main Line.







Free Parking


Rest room 

Activities Program


List of hands-on programs, remarks

Ancient fire-making, Magatama making, Bronze mirror making

Can be enjoyed in wet weather


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Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archeology

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Opening Days

Except Monday

Opening Hours

9:00am-5:00pm (last admission at 4:30pm)

Closing Days

Every Monday (Tuesdays when Monday is a holiday), The day after a holiday (except Sunday and holiday), From December 29th to January 1st


Adults: 210 yen Elementary, junior high school and high school students: 100 yen


View of The Southern Alps  View of Mt. Yatsugatake  Beautiful starry sky

Universal Design

Assistance dogs allowed  Accessible slope  Wheelchair user participation  Medical service/First aid  No steps   Parking for wheelchair visitors  Rest room for wheelchair users  Automatic door for major entrances  Wheelchair rental  Braille   Ostomate toilet  AED equipped 

Others(There is a first aid kit for medical services and emergencies.)

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