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Otome Highland

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Area:Isawa/Katsunuma/Nishizawa Gorge

A treasure trove of Japanese azalea and other highland plants along the Crystal Line, the Yatsugatake and Chichibu mountain range.
Otome Highland has stunning views of Mt. Fuji and is in north-west Makioka-cho, Yamanashi City, 10 minutes by car from Yakiyama Pass. At an altitude of 1,700 meters, the grasslands are surrounded by the peaks of the Chichibu mountain range.
The grassland area is the joint work of nature and the people who have long been preserving it by cutting the grass in early winter.
It has a rich ecosystem with violets in spring, over 100 kinds of flowers in summer and the blazing Japanese gentian in autumn.
Apart from flower there are also trees, mushrooms, birds, insects, animals and stars, and people who appreciate its nature visit over and over again.
In April 2001 the Otome Highland Fan Club was formed with the aim of nurturing the connection between people and nature at the highland, and to pass on its natural beauty to the next generation.
Many events are held, including tours, the Otome Highland Forum and grass cutting which is held on November 23rd (Labor Thanksgiving Day).



Makioka-cho, Yamanashi City


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Katsunuma IC

Nearest station

JR Chuo Main Line, Enzan Station

Nearest highway bus stop


Nearest bus stop

Yakeyama-toge (private)

Transportation details

By bus: From the JR Chuo Main Line, Enzan Station, take the private bus for about 50 minutes. Get off at Yakeyama-toge.
(Runs Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from June 1st to November 23rd) → 60 minute walk from the bus stop
By car: 60 minutes from Katsunuma IC, Chuo Expressway.





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